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Thread: Sam Maloof, 1916-2009

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    Rest in Peace Sam. You were one of the great ones.
    Please help support the Creek.

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    That's a shame and a great lost. I my eyes one most inspiring woodworkers ever. R.I.P.

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    Inspirational man in all sense of the word, even to a small town boy, on the otherside of the world

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    R.I.P. Sam. You inspired countless woodworkers and others. A life well spent - you will be missed.
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    A direct link to some pics. I noticed in the pic before Sam's face (second to last pic), that he appears to have a Noden Adjust-a-Bench in his shop.

    The prices of his pieces must have gone up 10x.

    RIP, Sam, you can now visit with your first wife of half a century.
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    He was a true inspiration and a great guy. He will be missed!


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    What a sad day. I was fortunate enough to spend a day with Sam and his appretices about a year ago. What a fantastic artist and craftsman. He was a true innovator, and someone who was dedicated to his love of the craft.

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    This is a sad time in the world of fine woodworking. Sam was one of the elite. One of the finest woodworkers of all time. There should be a moment of silence on the date of his passing every year. He was an inspiration like no other. RIP Sam, God bless him and his loved ones.. You'll be missed.
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    I studied his work with awe, and was awed by the man behind the work. May his family find solice in the respect that the man has collected.

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    Never had the pleasure of meeting him, but at the very least he has done what few do - he left a tremendous legacy of work and knowledge to inspire those who come after him. We should all be so fortunate.

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    What has always amazed me about Sam Maloof is just how long he was able to maintain such a high level of skill and workmanship. It seems odd, but he didn't even begin professional woodworking until his mid thirties, yet he still managed almost 60 years of output. To put it another way, almost half of his entire career in woodworking came after most people retire. Even in his nineties he was giving demonstrations and leaving fellow woodworkers in awe of his abilities. He was a remarkable man and he will be missed.

    Still, as sad as is passing is, we all have to go sometime and we should all be so lucky as to be able to do what we love and have our wits about us into our 90s. Sam has left behind a huge body of work that will influence woodworkers for decades and he will always be alive through his furniture.

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    I just spoke to Joan at the Maloof foundation and she mentioned that within about 2 weeks there will be a Celebration / Memorial of Sam's life which will be open to the public.

    By about tomorrow or the next day the information as to when and where will be up on their site.

    Maloof Foundation


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    a friend of mine went to so. cal. about a year ago and spent a week at william ng woodworking school to make 1 of sams black walnut rocking chairs. its all put together but he still has 200 - 300 hours of sanding and finishing to complete. he spent a day this feb. with sam for a class and said his mind was still sharp but he used a walking stick. my friends brother in law has a rocking chair that is 40-50 years old and he was told that sam had built this chair. he sent a picture to sam recently but hadnt heard back. he is going to send me the picture and i will post it.

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    Was fortunate enough to attend two seminars over the years at Highland Hardware with Mr. Maloof. A gentle man and a WW'ing Icon.


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