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Thread: sticky edges on UHI acrylic

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    sticky edges on UHI acrylic

    Hi oh Experienced ones,

    I am cutting UHI acrylic for the first time and I am left with sticky edges. Can someone please tell me if:
    1) will it dry out on its own ?
    2) If not, what can I use to remove the sticky residue without damaging the UHI ?
    3) I am cutting at full power ( 60 watt) at a low speed. Will an even lower speed or multiple passes make a difference?

    Many Thanks,

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    Multipass wont work , we cut UHI with 30w and sticky edges dont seem a problem , lower your PPI or frequency when you cut.
    You can also try benziene to clean the edges , however it is a carcinogenic, failing that , scrape the edges with a flat scraper (the cutting edge of a scissor works well)
    Are you cutting with masking on both sides - the masking stops melt getting on the surface adjacent to the cut.
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    Thank you

    Changing the freq did solve our problem


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    Is this the same "sticky" that I get on lasermax. I usually clen with DNA but if I could get rid of the sticky by adjusting the freq I would like that.
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