Hello all,

While I certainly hope this information is received in the manor it is intended (in other words, I am not trying to spam), I feel this is a good place to post information about our back issues.

Since running out of stock on issue #1s a few months ago, we have not been able to get them back in stock for various reasons. We hope that by years end we will have them in stock again.

In the meantime, you may want to call your local Rockler Woodworking store to see if they have any copies of the back issues on hand. We shipped many copies to each of the 34 stores about 6 weeks ago, and, from what I understand, some stores are sold out, some have a bunch of inventory, and some have a couple left.

I don't know if Rockler has any plans to keep purchasing back issues at this time. They are telling us they will continue to sell all new issues as they come out. Another advantage of checking with your local Rockler store for back issues, is that you can purchase them cheaper at their store than off of our website (they don't have to charge shipping and handling).

Again, I just want it to be know I only bring this up because of the many emails I have been getting in the past few weeks about the back issues. My intention is not to "Spam" this great board, or to offend anyone in anyway with this commercial posting on this forum - there are just too many great people here!

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Chris DeHut