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Thread: Greek fonts

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    Greek fonts

    Hello Everyone,

    Does anyone know where I can find Greek fonts? I've tried several things but, it's just not the same as just typing on the keyboard and the letters just appear. Currently, I've tried to change the language but, that doesn't really work with the programs I'm using, ie. AutoCad.

    Also tried used the character map, which works, but is super-tedious picking one letter at a time. Can't seem to find anything on line either. Any one have any suggestions?


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    I'm a little uncertain of my ground here but I did check on another language and was told I'd have to change the keyboard as well as the language of the pc.
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    It's all Greek to me...

    Here's a nice site that links to some Greek fonts:

    This one was the one that helped me out the most with a job... (hard to find a good sans-serif Greek font nowadays...)

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    re: Greek font

    Hi Mike,
    It worked on my laptop but, not the computer that's connected to the laser. Jacob's recommendation looks promising. I hope I can get it to work. If not. I will probably need
    to find someone whose in Greece to send me a font or two.


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    Coincidentally, as I was thumbing through old posts I came across one about Greek letters. A gentleman by the name of MICHALIS KRITIKOS lives in Greece and offered to email some fonts to the OP. He only has two posts on SMC, so you may have better luck sending him an email rather than a PM.
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    Back when I actually ran AutoCad for a living (long time ago) I seem to remember that Greek was one of the included alternate Letter fonts. As such you might just drop the AutoDesk help line a note and ask if it's still hidden in there somewhere, or if that "obsolete" file is downloadable from them.
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    Did you check Disk 3 from Corel? I hate to ask a question, but using Bitstream Font Navigator (automatically loads with X3 install), I found a couple on Corel X3 Disk 3 that you might be able to use.
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    Will these work ?
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