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Thread: Tool Review: Woodcraft shop scissors...

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    Tool Review: Woodcraft shop scissors...

    I know scissors aren't considered a "cool" tool, but I bought these:

    from Woodcraft as a throw in to get my order total up to get a discount. They are made in the USA and perform extremely well. The description says they will cut through the Woodcraft catalog-I believe it. Now they are even less than what I paid for them. Guess I'll have to call WC and get a credit-they've done very well for me in the past on such requests.

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    Nice score!

    You're right though, a good set of shears/scissors is such a pedestrian tool, most people don't ever consider anything beyond the dollar store or HF ones worthwhile.

    More years back than I care to remember, I hung wallpaper for a living.
    A good set of shears was one of the tools I invested in @ the time.
    (The other being a plastic knife holder w/a magnet that you safety pin to your bibs.)
    Darned if I can find either of them now
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    I keep a couple of pairs lying around the shop at all times and use them quite frequently. I buy mine at tackle stores that sell salt-water gear. Red Drum tackle shop on the outer banks I know has them for about $1.00 a pair and I buy a handful whenever I am there. When they get dull I throw them away. Very handy to have around.

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