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Thread: Review: Taunton's DVD - The Vesatile Router - AVOID!

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    Review: Taunton's DVD - The Vesatile Router - AVOID!

    Bought this DVD by Pat Warner on the Taunton list thinking it might have some really good instructional material about router use. It doesn't!

    It's basically 60-minutes of Pat Warner showing off his dated, personal jigs, with very very little instruction other than how to make HIS jigs.

    Made in 2000, there have been many improvements in router table and technology and he doesn't use or reference ANY of them. He appears to just be showing off his own stuff.

    If you're into neanderthal methods of using routers, this DVD is for you... otherwise don't waste your money like I did.
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    I have the VHS of that, that's how long it's been around!

    But...I found it to be very informative in that I, as an amateur woodworker, was obsessing over new products offering ease and accuracy, and Pat shows tried and true simple approach to router tables, that offer true ease of use and accuracy.

    Keep and open mind to the methods he shows, they are real good.


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    I also appreciate pat's material, because it doesn't involve dumping (and it really is dumping to me, a total waste - something that in 15 years will be worth 10 cents on the dollar because of all of the new latest and greatest CNC cut aluminum hooey) huge amounts of money on making a router table. Most of the stuff sold in the hobby stores and catalogs any more is just jigging that's made to convince you that you shouldn't have to think or trust your senses or sensibilities when you're woodworking, and that nirvana is just around the corner if you can do something that used to take 3 minutes in 2.

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    I don't use a router enough to have strong opinions about old versus new technology, but I appreciate the review. It's good to know exactly what you're getting in instructional DVDs. So many of them are just repackaged VHS material.

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    I like the DVD and I like his website. I ordered The Router Table which comes on a DVD and I like that too. To me he is the router guru.

    I really like the fact that he isn't big on insert plates on a router table or the track for a miter slot. Both are unnecessary in my humble opinion.


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    Sorry to hear that you did not like the video. The best DVD that I have seen is by Gary Ragowski. I think the name is Router Joinery. Its very good and most of what you need to know to understand the basics of the router.

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    I have a few of FW DVD's. Some of the techniques will never change but the videos are dated. A video on hand cutting dovetails makes no difference when it was made. But agree a video on a router, table saw or the like from the early 80's would be dated.
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