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    Question Dust collector question

    I just got a dust collector (delta AP400) for my small garage shop. I only use one tool at a time (mostly lathe). I want to run some piping to some other tools.......what kind of pipe should I use?


    I am confused.......thanks for the help!

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    Either one will work but I would use the S&D (sewer and drain) stuff. You'll want at least 5" diameter but perhaps for your application, the 4" *might* be okay. 6" is the best to use overall.
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    I plan on using Sewer and Drain pvc pipe like Chris said. If you haven't already been there Bill Pentz's site is full of good information.

    Also if you are worried about static with the PVC look at:

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    Another question

    So if I have the flex pipe coming off the DC at 4" to go to 6" would be better for the runs? Also what is the best way to ground the pvc?

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    Tom, since your DC doesn't have a 6" inlet behind the hose connection, than 6" duct isn't going to be a good idea...and the AP400 is a small machine designed to be attached to one machine at a time. It's only got a 10" impeller blower with a single 4" inlet. Stick with a short piece of 4" flex hose for best results and move the DC from machine to machine. In real life, it can only generate about 300-350 CFM and adding duct work may compromise on that. If you "must" put in duct work (keeping in mind that that tool wasn't designed for it) use as little as possible and use 4" S&D.

    Grounding your duct work is not necessary, although you may choose to do so for "personal comfort". If so, a simple copper braided wire (inexpensive antenna wire from Radio Shack will do) wound in a loose spiral on the outside of the duct is quite sufficient to help direct small amounts of static electricity away.

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