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Thread: Clarification on question about Ryobi battery charger

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    Clarification on question about Ryobi battery charger

    Clarification on question about Ryobi battery charger

    Hello again,

    I have a couple of the cordless Ryobi One+ 18 volt cordless tools, and Iím still trying to understand the issue of battery charging. I have the older type blue Ryobi tools, not the new lithium ones, and my battery is the yellow one, not the lithium one.

    According to the manual and also according to what a Ryobi representative just told me a few minutes ago, the charger that I have (model P111) does NOT have any way to indicate when the battery is fully charged.

    I know that some of you have indicated that the red light goes out or turns green when the battery is fully charged, but this is not the case with this charger, and thatís why Iím posting the question again.

    The Ryobi rep said that the charger that I have (the P111) requires about 10 hours to fully charge the battery. She also said that Ryobi makes another charger (a P110) which will charge the battery in 1 hour! She said that the ďbetterĒ charger is also sold by Home Depot.

    So my question is, what model charger are you guys using for your non-lithium Ryobi One+ tools? If youíre using the lithium type, please donít respond, because Iím only interested in information on the non-lithium type.

    Thanks again,

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    I have the same batteries that you have and the charger that I have does not have a model number on it that I can find unless it is hidden in the super fine print on the base. My charger has three led lights on it and it has the words CHARGE PLUS+ written under the three led lights. It takes about an hour to charge one of my batteries.
    I have just started having problems with a couple of my old Ryobi batteries. They won't take a charge and the green and yellow LEDs stay on while the battery is in the charger. I bought a pair of the yellow batteries last year and they are doing fine.
    David B

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    I just got a new Ryobi drill kit P835 with that P111 charger. I thought I was getting the big 1 hour charger like I have . The drill in the kit is OK but's it's a 3/8" not 1/2" chuck like I expected.
    Looks like they switched out the chargers to make some more money. They put in a slow charger in place of the normal fast charger P110. The kit is pretty much useless with the P111 charger and a single battery. It is very misleading. The manual is vague on the actual charge time. I tested it and you are right Louis the light was still red after over night charge. The battery seems charged , but fully?

    I have other batteries and the decent P110 1 hour charger so I'll be fine,the battery and drill is worth the $50.

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    Odd Man Out...

    I have the ONE+ tools with NiCd batteries. Instead of a 120 VAC charger, I use a 12 VDC charger so I can carry it in my camper and charge while away from home. I already had a 12 VDC supply in my garage, like the ones RS used to sell so you could power up your car CB in the shop. (Yeah, or listen to 8-track tapes.)

    Not to gloat , but mine has 4 LEDs, including one that lights if the battery is bad and one that lights when the battery is charged. It works good and takes an hour or so to charge up a battery.

    Don't torture yourself: When they stop taking a charge, recycle them and get new ones. Always use them until the tool just begins to slow down, then fully charge immediately and remove from the charger immediately. NiCd batteries work really good in satellites where they are used every night and recharged every day. DAMHIKT. If you're not sorta neurotic about these things, they will not last as long, but still OK for the $$$.

    Anyway, for anyone interested, the 12 VDC charger seems OK. I've had it about 2 years. (My shop is just a hobby; if I were a professional making a living with these things, I'd use Lithium as they are much more forgiving to mismanaged charging and contain much more energy when charged.)


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    Since I posted, I checked with Ryobi parts and was told that I could order the P110 one hour charger from them for $29.95, so that's what I'll do. Home Depot doesn't carry it.

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