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    I just had a thought but a good thread might me be.. show us your best work. Post some pics here and lets see the stuff that you are really proud of the stuff that really looks good. Your best results your best work.. I would love to see some of this. Take a few minutes and snap a few pics to inspire and educate the rest of us here. Especially me! Amazing how a little inspiration with some insight as to why and how that project worked might stir some of us up and quide us all into better work..
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    Tom, this topic comes up every so often, check out the last thread:

    But really, people here show their stuff all the time, and you will miss a lot if you just want to look at a "best of collection" because there are a lot of modest folks here who never post in those threads.

    cheers, dee
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Gallo View Post
    there are a lot of modest folks here who never post in those threads.
    Hi Dee, or like me and a few others of us here who are too ashamed to post.
    Dave J
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