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Thread: Oneway 2436 or VB36

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    Oneway 2436 or VB36

    I'm torn between the Oneway 2436 and the VB36. I know, tough times, but a guy's got to make a decision right? Anyway, I currently turn on a Lodge and Davis Fox Monitor Lathe (circa 1880, converted to electric motor with belt adjusted variable speed and used as a wood lathe, 12" spindle height, 70" bed), and a 15 y/o 12" Delta variable speed. Neither are outboard lathes and I need to turn some larger projects.

    I am leaning towards the Oneway because it can be used as an outboard lathe and it has good inboard capability that can be expanded. A Oneway with the outboard options are still cheaper than a VB36 without the optional tailstock assebly.

    The other option is to get the VB36 w/o the tailstock as I'm not sure I can afford the tailstock option.

    I know the VB36 is probably a much better lathe, but I think it might be more lathe than I'll ever need. Of course I've tried to justify it in my mind, however, when I see profesional turners using a Powermatic, a Oneway, or some other lathe, turning things larger than I have ever thought of turning, I start thinking, okay, I can be happy with the Oneway!

    Also, does anyone know the weight of either machine? My L&D is over 500 lbs and I have not had it wobble at all, but I've also dever turned more than about 22" dia. before.

    I don't know of anyone in Juneau with either lathe, and being a landlocked community, traveling anywhere to try one of these machines out is probably not going to happen.

    Your thoughts are appreciated, comments from those who have turned on these lathes even more appreciated.

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    You may want to take a look at the Robust Sweet 16. It has a removable gap then will allow you to turn up to 32". It is less expensive then the Oneway and has all the bells and whistles one would expect with a high end lathe.


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    Jon, I have and enjoy using the Oneway 2436. I have had it for about 4 yrs. now. It is one awesome piece of machinery, plus One way is tops in customer service. The 2436 weighs about 850 lbs, but I have made it jump up and down with an unbalanced blank on too high a speed. I have never turned on the other lathe you mentioned. I think that the responses that your get will reflect the bias of the owners of these lathes. I am sure that you will enjoy either one of these lathes.

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    if i were you, go for the vb-36. its bigger. and better. and you would be the only one on this forum that has one. and then you will never need a larger lathe because you have the largest.

    what are you going to do with the old lathe.? pm me if you are getting rid of it.
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    Additional thoughts:
    • the VB is a "weak" lathe for spindle work. If you go that route you are just about locked into bowl only work.
    • The VB is a monster bowl lathe, but do you think you will ever need to turn a bowl that big around.
    • Any parts, for any, would have to be flown in (at least for you) but both Oneway and Robust are at least on the same continent.
    • Besides the Robust Sweet 16, look at it's big brother. It's what I would buy, given deeper pockets
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    depends how honest you are with what you really gonna turn.
    if you ever wanna do spindles, well the VB without tailstock is crap for that.
    even if you do plenty of hollow forms, you gotta attach steadyrests and bowl steadys somewhere, right?? I think we can agree that at times they help a great deal.
    you might also miss out on some accessories that are commonly used for "regular" lathes.
    I turn mainly bowls but still love using the headstock at times, just for safety.
    So if you go VB36, then go all out and get everything.
    if not, load up a 2436 if you have the space. it's a great lathe, but I wouldn't want to do a lot of hollowing because I just don't wanna lean over the bed that much. I talked to David Marks when I was in his shop and he said sometimes he just puts a blanket on the ways and sits on the lathe for hollowing. little too kinky for my taste, but why not. if you only use the outboard option on the 2436 you might as well go with the VB36.

    and now combining all the reasons/arguments is how I ended up with a Stubby 1000.
    I know they don't bring the 1000 to the US anymore, but I would even go with the 750s.
    best of both worlds, fantastic lathe, every accessory fits, and I just love the footprint.

    that's my story

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    I researched a year or two and bought the VB-36; that is one helluva cadillac machine and I've never regretted the decision at all. I have a short tailstock which meets any demand for spindle turning I have, but then I prefer HF's, platters, bowls and the such anyway.

    If you get a chance to turn on both, do so; that'll help you decide which best suits your needs I'd bet!

    Best wishes in your decision,


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    I turn on a VB-36, with the "long" tailstock option - I'm quite happy with the machine. At times, I wish it had a longer spindle capacity and there are times when I wish the tailstock rods were not in the way so I could more easily turn larger diameters (the rods are removable), but it's a pain in the... to remove them. All the lathes mentioned are very good machines; it just depends upon your anticipated needs.

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    keep one of the lathes you have for spindle work, and get the vb-36 for bowls
    14x48 custom 2hp 9gear lathe
    9 inch pre 1940 craftsman lathe
    36 inch 1914 Sydney bandsaw (BEAST)
    Wood in every shelf and nook and cranny,,, seriously too much wood!

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    Two very different and excellent machines. I suggest you spend a bit more time figuring out what your style requires. That is a whole bunch of money to spend unless you are absolutely sure of your individual needs.
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    lathe choice

    but a guy's got to make a decision right?
    i have not had the opportunity to turn on either one, but it sounds like you have plenty of room

    when you have choices, it implies you could make a mistake, but with these choices, either one is a good choice

  12. Jon.....I have a 2436 Oneway. The choice is ultimately yours. Strongly consider what you may be doing in the future and which machine will adapt to your needs.

    My Oneway has turned everything that I have asked it to. But, next year, my turning interests may be something that I haven't yet thought of. The VB36 is a beefy machine with some hefty horsepwoer on board. It may not be quite as versital as the 2436.

    Both are great machines. I chose the Oneway because of the customer service and the adaptability.....not to mention that I was able to get some custom features that few other manufacturers offer.

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    "but I think it might be more lathe than I'll ever need"

    No such thing as to much Lathe
    ---I may be broke---but we have plenty of wood---

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    Oliver #22 Pattern Makers

    Of course, moving it almost requires a train car.

    There was a VB36 fully loaded for sale in Atlanta for a song (less than 1/2 price fully equipped) just in the last month or so over at the AAWG forum. Worth looking into as even shipping from at to AK has to be significantly less and you could have a maxed out VB (long spindles, outboard, etc) for like $7k total.


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    I had the same problem but i also was looking at the stubby lathe in the mix..well all said in done the Oneway 2436 3hp is in my shop and i love it..vacuum system with it sweet...Jeff
    "There's is only one way to turn wood....Safely"

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