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Thread: Antique Pine Finishing

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    Antique Pine Finishing

    1st time to post. This site has kept my attention for several weeks now!

    I make primitive type furniture for my wife to resell in her antique booth. Normally I paint the item, sand the edges down so it looks worn, then run some oil based stain over it.

    However, I have been looking for a way to make new pine boards look like antique. I know about distressing them, but how do I get the aged color into the wood?

    I am working on a chimney cabinet right now and have some boards that I pulled from a barn that I am using for the back. I just finished sanding and put a coat of amber shellac on it.

    Here's a picture of what I am talking about.


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    a darker colored shellac would work (like garnet).

    you can build enough coats that everything will be uniform, albeit darker.

    i would recommend some sort of oil as a sealer, the shellac after 5-7 coats will start to obscure the grain, the oil will darken it a bit to start to offset that.

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