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Thread: FreeStuff Program Details

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    FreeStuff Program Details

    SawMill Creek Woodworkers Forums are sponsored by Northwind Associates, a sign design and fabrication shop in Gloucester County Virginia. We would like to invite every major woodworking manufacturer, distributor and retail sales company to participate in the SawMill Creek FreeStuff Program. We will accept donations of woodworking tools and other products that we can give away to our members via our FreeStuff Drawing Program. This program promotes woodworking product information directly to our members and provides an opportunity for our members to win great prizes. There is no vendor fee to participate in the FreeStuff Program, donation of a prize of any value is all that is required.

    If you would like to donate a tool or woodworking supplies to our FreeStuff Program please contact for information or to make arrangements. Simply provide the details of your donation and we will make the necessary arrangements and create your FreeStuff Thread.

    All active FreeStuff donations are announced in the appropriate Forum here at The Creek, however the official FreeStuff Threads are created in our FreeStuff Forum.

    FreeStuff drawings will include all pertinent information including active links to web sites, email addresses, phone numbers, postal address, etc. We encourage all of our members to visit the web sites, contact and support our drawing sponsors.

    Winners are selected by drawing a name out of an electronic hat so to speak. Our computer selects the winners name from the list of those who opt-in to each drawing. Only properly registered Contributors are eligible to win FreeStuff drawings. User names must include their real first and last names in accordance with our Terms Of Service (TOS).

    We believe this is one of the most cost effective direct promotional methods available. Our FreeStuff Program provides affordable direct marketing to the woodworking community world-wide, its enjoyable and rewarding for all who participate. No money will change hands, this is not a commercial venture. Prizes are shipped from the company's who donate directly to the drawing winner, our goal is to promote good will between woodworkers and businesses who provide tools and supplies .

    If any of our members would be interested in helping us promote this program please contact company's who you think would be interested in participating. Companies interested in our FreeStuff program can call us at 757-871-8214 (10am to 6pm EST), send an email to or send a postal letter, please include a description of your donation in detail including the make and model number or catalog numbers.

    Attn: SawMill Creek Woodworkers Forums
    8770 Little England Rd
    Hayes, VA 23072

    Revised 12-10-12

    Thanks to all who have donated tools and prizes to our FreeStuff Drawing Program, our Members appreciate your participation here at SawMill Creek.

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