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Thread: Winchester tools?

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    Winchester tools?

    This has to be an aberration, but I've seen Winchester tools go for a whole lot on the bay, but this - 140297951246?

    Over $1500 for a boxed set of 13 single twist auger bits? Are Winchester tools really that rare? Wow.
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    I have only followed the Winchester planes and they generally go for a decent amount. They have the bedrock frog but beyond that, they're standard planes. I don't know why a bunch of Winchester auger bits would sell for that much.

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    I passed on a Winchester #4 equivalent at a local antique store. Filthy, but intact and cleanable... might have to go back and snag it now....

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    The Winchester tools were basically a rebranding of the Simmons Hardware tools from 1922 to about 1930. So they are somewhat rare, and the brand name apparently makes the tools more popular with collectors. There's a page with some of this history at

    I have (by pure luck) a Winchester saw with a Warranted Superior medallion. The saw is an excellent user, but that's mostly because the blade was kept in excellent shape. Otherwise, it's really not any different than a Disston (though I wish I had a few D-8s in that condition).

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