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Thread: Lasering on a bean spout seed!

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    Lasering on a bean spout seed!

    Thought I saw everything.... found this while surfing.

    Here is what it said

    A message bean? Were just as mystified as you and the hundreds of others whove picked up this magical bean-in-a-can from our A+R shops in the last few years. A word or symbol is lasered on a seed and it then appears on the bean sprout. Apparently the folks at SMP really do know Jack. Its all so very Japanese (as is the acronym for SMP: Style Meets People). Some of the messages even appear in legible English on one side and in Japanese characters on the other. Hows that for a bilingual leguminosae? Pop the top, water and watch the bean germinates within 7-14 days. The vine can stretch upwards of 20 feet or more. Organic and chemical free, its a greeting card in a can, and one with a message that grows on everyone in contact.
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    lol, Ok it is true, THERE IS NOTHING SACRED OR SAFE!

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    I like it. Totally stupid, but people love this type of thing, I lasered an egg once but it didn't show up on the yoke. Maybe I didn't get the settings right, what do you think???
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    I lasered a chicken once but it didn't show up on the egg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Null View Post

    I lasered a chicken once but it didn't show up on the egg.
    I lasered an egg and it showed up on the chicken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchell Andrus View Post
    I lasered an egg and it showed up on the chicken.

    Well, based on Mitchell's lasering, we have just answered that age old question of "which came first....."

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    If folks will buy a pet rock there is somebody out there that will buy almost anything. I like it, sort of like a fortune cookie in a can lol.

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    nice idea... but looking at the can it must be a tiny can like stack of few quarters.

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    So Jackie what kind of seed do you think that is?

    I wonder .....Pumpkin seeds?

    What other large seeds are there that might work and have a quick germination?
    This one just popped in to my thoughts... any one try popcorn yet?
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    These particular ones are "jack beans" (I guess beans are seeds). But I'm gonna try it with kidney beans (I have a bag in my pantry). I know the schools use kidney beans for showing kids how plants germinate and grow.
    see here:

    Easy Science Projects

    Observing plants, simple chemical reactions or a bubble mystery are all easy science projects that will help kids grow in their appreciation of science and scientific principles.
    Bean Sprouts

    To grow bean sprouts you will need:

    • A few beans. . .any type of dried bean will be fine, but kidney beans are preferable
    • Moistened paper towel
    • Baby food jar or other clear, small jar

    What to do:
    Completely soak the paper towel, and fold it so that it is the same height or a little smaller than the height of the jar. Wrap the wet paper towel around the inside of the jar. Insert one or two beans in between the jar and the paper towel.
    What should happen:
    One of the great things about this experiment is that the bean will sprout roots rather quickly; therefore, its a great introduction to plants for younger children. One thing to notice is which way the roots sprout.

    It should work this way or in soil.
    Jackie McGowan
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    "Don't believe everything you think."

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    It should work with any kind of bean! The part you laser is the part that rises up when the root starts to grow. It sheds off as the leaves form..
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    Could these be sold on

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    I like the bean idea.

    I've done eggs, steak, potato chips.

    I did this toast for the local FOX TV weather lady. She ate it on TV.

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    George Carlin said it best:

    "If you take two things that have never been glued together before and glue them together, some schmuck will buy it."

    I guess that's a variation on the "sucker born every minute" theme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Cunningham View Post
    ...The part you laser is the part that rises up when the root starts to grow. It sheds off as the leaves form..
    The ex-botanist in the crowd says that is a cotyledon or "seed leaf." Flowering plants have two (thus they are called called dicotyledons) and things like pine and palm trees are monocots.
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