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    Turner Photo Galleries

    If you are a Turner and have a gallery, please send me a PM if you wish to be added to this list. Remember, under each gallery photo is a textbox where you can enter your comments. If you like what you see, please let the gallery owner know! Also keep in mind that your comments are there for the world to see!

    Please let me know if a link no longer works.

    Bernie Weishapl

    Bert Solis

    Brian Effinger

    Curt Fuller

    Curtis Rosche

    Daniel L Miller

    Dave Halter

    David Pearson

    David Woodruff

    Dewey Torres

    Diane Hall

    Don Orr

    Gary Conklin

    Gary Kvasnicka

    Gary Zimmel

    George Guadiane

    George Morris

    Greg Ketell

    Harvey Ghesser

    James Combs

    James Mahan

    Jeff Nicol

    Jim Kountz

    John Altberg

    John Keeton

    Kelvin Burton

    Ken Glass

    Kenneth Walker

    Marc Himes

    Mark Burge

    Mark Hubl

    Maria Alvarado

    Michael Jasani

    Mike Fuson

    Mike Peace

    Rick Flink

    Rick Prosser

    Roy Dick

    Russell Dietrich

    Russell Neyman

    Scott Conners

    Steve Schlumpf

    Ted Calver

    Thom Sturgill

    Tim Thiebaut

    Tony Greenway

    William Bolen

    How to create your album and post photos:

    After you are logged in, click on the 'USER CP' link in the upper left margin at top of page. This takes you to your personal control panel.

    The 2nd section down on the left side is labeled 'Networking' and the last entry there is for 'Pictures and Albums', click it.

    Click on the link 'Add album'. On next page is where you enter the title of your album and a brief description of what it holds. You also select if your album is to be private or public. Public - anyone on the web can see it; Private, only those on your friends list can view and comment.

    Click on the submit button and the next page allows you to upload your photos. Click on 'Upload Pictures'. Please note that there is a different size requirement as compared to posting regular photos.

    Maximum File Size per Picture 97.7 KB, maximum picture dimensions 650 by 650 pixels. Pictures are supposed to be automatically resized to fit within these constraints but I prefer doing everything myself to remain in control of the
    final product.

    Once you upload your photo to SMC, it will show you a thumbnail of the photo as well as provide a caption box where you can enter whatever text you want pertaining to that photo. After your album is established, you can edit your photos or the album at any time.
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