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Thread: How to prevent loose peg-board hooks?

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    How to prevent loose peg-board hooks?

    I want to install some pegboard on a wall to hold my tools, but I want to make sure the hooks are secure. In the past, I've used pegboard, but whenever I went to grab a tool the hook came with it. I even bought those black plastic "hook stabilizers" from Home Depot, but they still come off.

    Does anyone know a better solution for keeping peg-board hooks in place? Hopefully something the local Home Depot sells. Should I go with the bigger holes in the pegboard--I think it's 3/8" holes (and therefore bigger hooks)?

    When I install this peg-board (permanently attached to a wall) I want to do it right. Any tips on peg-board would be helpful (esp. any website with pictures)


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    The wire ties electricians use would work. I am sure HD sells them

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    John wrote exactly what I was going to suggest. Wire ties work well. Epoxy will also work if you won't be moving the hooks around.
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    I had that problem too, since I have a bunch of the smaller gauge hooks that fit loosely in my new 3/8 pegboard.
    I just grabbed my staple gun... one staple into the pegboard as low as you can get on the vertical part of the hook took care of the problem.
    Not the prettiest solution, but most of the time the staple is hidden by whatever is hanging on the hook anyways. Simple. Cheap.
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    You can buy plastic retention thingamabobs the secure the hooks in place. They mhold the hook against the pegboard and snap into the approximating holes. Easier than wire or staples and reusable.

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    hot glue.

    in my experience the plastic retainers pull off and/or break, wire ties are a pain to feed through once it gets mounted to the wall.


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    +1; ditto Kevin

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Groenke View Post
    hot glue.

    in my experience the plastic retainers pull off and/or break, wire ties are a pain to feed through once it gets mounted to the wall.


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    I don't know how you'd use Tye-Wraps after the board is mounted to the wall.
    They are fun enough to thread on wire bundles without blind holes to deal with.
    Been there, done that.

    I gave up on pegboard, too much of a PITA.
    Instead, I mount 3/4" plywood and use screws and lags and shelves. Custom mountings for particular tools.
    No dought the assymbly will handle what I mount there.

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    I now use the Talon Pegboard Toolholders that are available from Rocklers. A little pricey compared to the standard steel pegs but they work well and are worth the difference.
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    Hot Glue

    I use hot glue - just a dot. If I have to move a clip, I just use a narrow paint scraper and it pops right off. No matter how much you plan for the layout you will want to change it. Hot glue lets you do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M. A. Espinoza View Post
    +1; ditto Kevin
    + 2 on the hot glue. Easy on - secure - easy off.


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    Those Talon pegboard hooks look like they would work well. might have to give those a try. The hot melt glue idea seems good too

    In a magazine I read they recommended sheet metal screws. But that was just for the trays, not the hooks. Honestly, how have people put up with loose pegboard hooks for this long. Seems like they wouldn't have survived that long in the market.


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    #6 - 1/2 inch round head sheet metal screws - drive one in on each side so the hook is trapped under the heads. Just happens we buy these screws by the thousands and the stupid pegboard is right above the bench where we use these screws so one day with a one hand full of screws and a driver in the other hand something fell off the pegboard and the hook followed and so.......

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    I am getting the Talon hooks and they do not come out. The only problem I have is they do not have a lot of different type of hook. I have found them to be very strong, much stronger then they look.

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