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    I am amazed at the progress that has been made as well as the patience and good mannners that have been displayed by the originator of the site and the techies who are helping to shape it. We all have our fond memories of the soon to be gone Pond and wish there was an immediate substitute for it, but the task of making such a replacement is not one that can be done overnight. There are many suggestions being made to bring the new site into a mirror image of the Pond and all with good intentions. I do feel that we need to give the guys a little break and let them get the main framework of the site somewhat complete and then begin offering suggestions as to how it might be improved. From what I have seen the workers are falling over backwards trying to please us all and in the end I am beginning to believe we will have a forum that pleases us all. Not trying to be critical of anyone, just hoping to give a little breathing room to those who are getting the site up to snuff. JMHO.(-:

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    Well said Don!

    The speed with which this has happened makes my head spin. This is interesting, watching this develop! Let's temper our requests with a dose of patience!

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    I agree with what Don has written. As Keith said when he chose this software, it does seem to be more powerful and it has some features that are a step up from what we were accustomed to over on the BP site. In the long run, that's a good thing. I, too, was a little lost at first, but I've found a few tidbits (e.g. the "view new posts" link in the upper right corner of the front page) that I think are quite nice improvements.

    Considering that this site has been in operation for less than a week, I'd say things are doing fine. I wasn't around during the first week BP's existence, but I would guess that some people may have been just as confused by that user interface as they are with this one.

    I'll feel better about where this is headed when we finally have more messages about woodworking topics than we do about the site itself.
    Mike Scheidler

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