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    Thanks - I did unscrew the deeply recessed...

    Thanks - I did unscrew the deeply recessed screws, but perhaps I didn't try hard enough to yank the top off. Will try again. And thanks for the comment about the foam - mine has the same thing.
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    Fein Turbo II - Power switch repair?

    I have a 7-year-old Fein Turbo II vacuum/dust extractor -- Model 9-20-25, "Dustex 40." The power switch has three settings -- "off," "auto" (which starts the vacuum when a power tool is plugged in...
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    G0555LANV has a 1 HP motor and an open stand. ...

    G0555LANV has a 1 HP motor and an open stand. G0555X has a 1-1/2 HP motor and a closed stand in addition to the larger table. If you plan to do any resawing, the extra 1/2 HP will be very useful.
  4. I retired a 30-year-old Delta 10" RAS and...

    I retired a 30-year-old Delta 10" RAS and replaced it with a 12" Bosch 5312-RT slider a few years ago, before the GCM12SD came out. The Bosch has plenty of power to go with its dimensional capacity,...
  5. Like you, I have an old-style Ultra on my table...

    Like you, I have an old-style Ultra on my table saw and a new LS-style Incra on my router table. I don't find the micro-adjust on the old version to be a problem, but if you frequently make...
  6. Me too -- almost everything it built to the same...

    Me too -- almost everything it built to the same height (36") in my 12 x 20' workshop. That way no table is ever in the way of a panel that's being milled on another table.
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    Just got the router attachment. It looks kinda...

    Just got the router attachment. It looks kinda crude -- a somewhat rough metal casting with a plastic slide for the track. But I tested it on the track it slid back & forth very easily, and there...
  8. Thanks, Ed. I found the Dewalt connector on line...

    Thanks, Ed. I found the Dewalt connector on line and ordered it. From what I have read, the clamps from all three manufacturers are interchangeable, so you're probably right in thinking that the...
  9. Great -- that was my next question. ;-)

    Great -- that was my next question. ;-)
  10. Perfect -- thanks!

    Perfect -- thanks!
  11. It is possible to extend a Dewalt track saw fence??

    I'm interested in the Dewalt DSW522 track saw. It's available with a 59" fence, and for $140 more, in a kit with 59" and 105" tracks. But there's also a 46" accessory track for about $70. Since 59...
  12. PC 690 is OK; some issues with it

    I have a Porter Cable 690 mounted on a Leight Super FMT. The disadvantage is that the FMT's standard positioning hardware doesn't work for the PC. So the base has to be put on with screws. It's not...
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    Consider a Leigh Super FMT

    The Super FMT is heavy guage steel rather than milled aluminum, so it's cheaper to make. It's about $400 new at Highland Hardware. I've had mine only a short while, but it produces accurate mortise &...
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    Ridgid BS1400 tuning

    I torqued down the bolts holding the motor and use a link belt and the wheels remain co-planar. The top wheel on my saw was way out of balance and after drilling as many 1/4" hole as I draed, I...
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    Shark Guard is superb and the wait time is down

    It's true that you can't make a non-through cut or a dado, but the Shark Guard has superb dust collection capability for through cuts, including cuts made with a zero clearance insert. It's quick and...
  16. Thread: Super FMT

    by Mike Sandman

    Super FMT - securing the workpiece

    I can secured a workpiece for cutting a mortise if the piece is long enough to cross over and be secured by clamps on both sides, but it does seem hard to secure a short workpiece when it's just...
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    Grizzly has an adjustable miter bar & good instructions.

    I haven't looked at the others, but I do know that the Rockler one I looked at didn't have any way to adjust the fit of the miter bar. The Grizzly has a couple of set screws you can use to get a...
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    Using the Incra TS III fence + Incra router extension

    For 10+ years I've been using the Incra TS fence and I bought the Incra extension and an Incra router fence to attach to the TS fence so I could swap the TS fence & gauage around to use the router...
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    Digital height OK; digital fence a definite maybe

    I'd certainly like a digital readout for blade height, and the link to Wixey's web site showing the readout for router lifts has me thinking about how much more useful the lift would be with that...
  20. Thread: Leigh FMT

    by Mike Sandman

    Alas, all I had time to do today (Sunday) was to...

    Alas, all I had time to do today (Sunday) was to set up the Super FMT - didn't get a chance to try it out. It will be a couple of weeks... Will post a report when I do.

    As far as setup is...
  21. Thread: Leigh FMT

    by Mike Sandman

    Less expensive version of FMT seems solid...

    Just received the "Super FMT" which is made out of heavy gauge steel rather than milled aluminum. Got it from Highland Hardware for $399.

    It seems very solid and has all the fittings and...
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    Phenolic-surfaced plywoodvs. formica-clad for jigs

    If you laminate Formica to plywood, there's some risk of delamination especially if you bang up the edges, and of course you'll have a non-standard thickness. But the melamine-clad boards at HD...
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    National Lumber; Anderson McQuaid

    Depends on where you are in Mass., but National Lumber has several home center type stores inside 495 and a couple of stores outside 495 -- Gardner & New Bedford. The quality of their lumber is...
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    Photos of Shark Guard setup as promised

    Here are the photos promised a few weeks ago showing how I connected the Shark Guard to my dust collection system. It's a quick & dirty method using two short pieces of flat aluminum bar and one...
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    I second the motion on Woodcraft phenolic ply

    2 smooth sides, excellent flatness, smooth. Great for jigs.
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