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  1. Long story , but I got my Lab vaccinated ...

    Long story , but I got my Lab vaccinated at one of the County free Rabies clinics that they set up each year. Well, as fate would have it. I LOST THE RABIES VACCINE ...
  2. Jim: Do you have the Epson Ecotank ET-2800 ? ...

    Jim: Do you have the Epson Ecotank ET-2800 ? I found one on sale , and I can get it delivered to the store in 5 days. Was that Eco tank printer difficult to hook up and ...
  3. Another Computer Printer Question : Brother - INKvestment Tank MFC-J4335DW

    Having a hard time trying to find an all in one inkjet printer. Stores are either out of stock , or delivery won't be for another Month or so. Came across this Printer.
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    For people that live in SNOW COUNTRY !!! , ...

    For people that live in SNOW COUNTRY !!! , Will this new electric truck be able to hook up a snow plow to it, and plow out a driveway ? There have been many years ...
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    Canon Printer question

    Anyone know how long the print heads and maintenance cartridge in the PIXMA G620 megatank printer will last , before they need to be replaced ? Also, how is the print quality of...
  6. Any Veterinarians on Sawmill Creek ? Rabies Vaccination Certificate question

    Got some questions about the 3 year Rabies Vaccine and the Rabies Vaccination Certificate that you get with it.


  7. Try to simplify this .:) Using that same...

    Try to simplify this .:)

    Using that same cordless drill with 2 1/2 inch Wood Screws drilling through 8/4 Red Oak; how long would the battery last , before it ...
  8. Electric usage : 8 Amp Corded Drill vs 24 Volt Cordless dril

    Trying figure out how much electricity these 2 drills use.

    1. 8 Amp corded drill used for 2 hours

    2. 24 Volt Cordless drill with a 2.0 Amp Hour lithium Battery.
  9. But, there are 8 large Burls in that Ash ...

    But, there are 8 large Burls in that Ash Tree !!!:cool:
  10. How many Pen blanks out of a 150 year old White Ash Tree?

    Anyone got a rough estimate on how many Pen blanks you might get from a 150 year old White Ash tree ?
  11. DANG !! Ash Borer struck ALL my Ash Trees

    I thought I was safe ! But, the Emerald Ash Borer struck ALL my Ash Trees !! The big one is over 140 years old . Got a price from the tree cutter to take the ...
  12. Anyone been to the Grizzly store recently? South Bend Table Saw

    What did you think of it, if they had one on display ?
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    Had to bang on the door a few times, to ...

    Had to bang on the door a few times, to get it to open. That thing was STUCK !!!! Buttons are not on the front of the door, they are on the top. What makes it ...
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    Dishwasher won't unlock

    Well, this is a new one !!! Accidentally pressed the lock button the Dishwasher , when I loaded up the dishes. Pressed the start button without realizing I pressed the ...
  15. Is it true?? Supernova 2 discontinued ????

    Is it all of the Super Nova 2 's , or just certain models ??
  16. Hardwood flooring accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Accidently spilled a bunch of Liquid Arm & Hammer laundry detergent onto the Oak Hardwood floor. Soaked it up with several towels , and wet moped the rest up. Did that ...
  17. Which carving chisel to use for this???

    Little bit of Woodturning and carving with this project, and I don't know where to start with the carving part!!!!

    Making a copy of a bedroom nightstand Lamp. This lamp...
  18. Oliver new 2018 Classic wood Lathe: Discontinued?

    Did Oliver discontinue that Lathe?
  19. Difference between Track saws and Circular Saws??

    What is the difference between these Saws ??
  20. Suggestions for a Oscillating belt/ spindle sander.

    Can't seem to decide which one to get. Want to replace an old Sears spindle sander , that I can't get parts for anymore. Then, I noticed the oscillating belt spindle sander with...
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    Harbor Freight Screwdriver Sets

    Anyone bought one of their sets ? I know they are not like the old Craftsman sets, but for general use, are they good enough ?
  22. Here is a rant !!! Hardware store ...

    Here is a rant !!!

    Hardware store has their yearly Midnight Madness Sale. EVERY YEAR!! , they had the Roulette Wheel that you could spin . Depending on the number...
  23. Grizzly 5 % off deal and their Sales price discount.

    So , how does this work?

    Say they have a tool is regularly priced at $100.00 , for example.

    Say the sales discount is 30 % off ( Just an example)

    When you...
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    Router Circle Cutting Jig

    If you are making a cake stand, for example, and you don't have enough swing on your Lathe to turn the top, can you cut the top part out to round; with a Router Circle ...
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    ANANT A45 Multi Plane Tool

    What can you tell about this Brand of Multi Plane ? Found one new in the box with a complete set of cutters, never used. Is it junk ?
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