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  1. Hi Derek, as you say: I hope FWW folks are...

    Hi Derek,

    as you say: I hope FWW folks are reading this. I had similar experiences with FWW as an international subscriber which may be summarized as: their CRM (customer relationship management)...
  2. Hm, Lie Nielsen won't work, as seen here:...

    Hm, Lie Nielsen won't work, as seen here:

    I'll have a look at the Chinese clones and the modern Stanley 62 next.
  3. Lie Nielsen Blade for Vintage Stanley 62?


    I recently found a vintage Stanley 62 low angle jack at a local flea market (which is extremely rare for me, since I live in Germany where metal planes are few and far between). It was in...
  4. Hi Jameel, thanks for your beautiful photos,...

    Hi Jameel,

    thanks for your beautiful photos, which I *did* enjoy :-) That's one sweet plane...

    Slightly off topic: may I ask how you fixed the wood attachment to the head of your hammer? I just...
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    Flattening with Bricks


    there is one (low-cost, I might add) technique that has been popularized in the German handtool community by Friedrich Kollenrott. He proposes to flatten your waterstones on bricks. In order...
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    Finger scraper?

    Now these are really sweet!

    Has anyone ever made a scraper plane that size? I could imagine using one to finish small scale work (boomerangs in my case).


  7. Possible plane / HSS blade

    I'd like to follow up on Jim's comment on HSS irons above: there's a reasonably priced palm-sized plane sold under the Mujingfang brand name which works well for me.

    Perhaps that one could be...
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