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    FREE - 8" Blast Gate - NorCal
  2. Cultured Marble Shower - pay for install or diy?

    Not sure where to post, move If necessary.

    Wife is due in 2 weeks with our first born. We’re in a 1000sqft townhouse I bought 10 years ago. We, with help of my licensed contractor father, moved...
  3. Thanks guys. Info is limited from seller and no...

    Thanks guys. Info is limited from seller and no other photos. I can ask from flat photos to gauge how any twist etc but seems like more trouble than dealing with that wood.

    I think I’ll settle...
  4. Should I Drive 4 hours for English Walnut? Photo inside

    Debating if I should drive 4 hours for English walnut. Seller said they are dry but not time or method explained.

    $40 a slab if more than 2 are bought. Slabs are 2” x 10”-20” x 66”-72”.

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  6. Festool TS75 - Changes from 2007? Possible used purchase.

    Hey all,

    About 3 hours round trip a used ts75 is available for $470. Seller said he was a rep and tool only used as a demo. Said it’s a 2007 model. That’s 13 years old. Have there been many...
  7. FREE - Unisaw throat plates. Just shipping

    These fit a 3hp unisaw from 1999. Standard and a dado. Both have the leveling screws in then.

    Free just pay shipping.

    should fit in a flat rate envelope.
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    Plate has been sold

    Plate has been sold
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    Furnas Starter Complete

    Have this starter from an older Powermatic Planer that had a 5hp 3 phase on it. I swapped to a single phase motor and couldn’t use it.

    I worked when I initially used a VFD and original 3 phase...
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    Incra Router Plate new - MLP621625

    New never used used Incra magna lock router plate. Model is MLP621625, pre-drilled for a few models but can always be drilled for your router.

    $30 + shipping.

    retail for $104.

    located in...
  11. The kreg actually does both, helps mount the...

    The kreg actually does both, helps mount the slides to the box and then flip the jig around and it helps rest the drawer on the jig which allows mount the slide portion to drawer box.

    This way...
  12. Rockler vs Kreg - Drawer Slide Jig & Euro Hinge Jig?

    Looking to add a full extension drawer slide jig. I fixed a router table I bought used and could have used one of these jigs to help align the guides in the box and on the actual drawer.

  13. Got the 30gal drums today. They’re really nice...

    Got the 30gal drums today. They’re really nice with and very very tight latching lid. $20 for the pair. They did have a little paint in them which I was worried. Turns out they were for tennis court...
  14. Metal trash can or 30 gal drum for Dust Bin?

    I'm excited! Got my dad to help installing my cyclone dust collection. It's the metal cyclone from Ebay. Pretty good size. I have a 2hp motor already. We measured and I'm 100" of height. The motor...
  15. Upgrade to 18v or buy more 14v batteries?

    I have my dads hand me down dewalt 14v set. Got everything; 3-4 drills, circular saw, sawzall, flash light, several chargers. Only have 3 orig batteries and 2 Amazon reproduction. The amazon ones are...
  16. Thoughts on using a Splitter for a 6-30 outlet?

    When my dad and I ran a sub panel and wire for my saw and planer, we ran a 30amp for the saw and 2 220s for a bandsaw and dust collection. Well.....I picked up a bandsaw that needs a 30amp now. I'm...
  17. In the garage safe and sound. 7 hours of driving...

    In the garage safe and sound. 7 hours of driving total. Started tripping on way home due to rain and wondering if we unload it in the rain or wait in the morning, would I get charged another day for...
  18. Regarding transporting, I chatted with Laguna...

    Regarding transporting, I chatted with Laguna customer service and they recommended tipping it over on the back spline. They said to place the saw bout 3-4ft from bed of truck with the help of 3 guys...
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    I bought a used eureka zone track and two bases...

    I bought a used eureka zone track and two bases that came in a long wooden case. Bought it 8 months ago and havent used it. been too lazy attaching base to my circular saw.
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    Look up some 2x72 grinders and be sticker...

    Look up some 2x72 grinders and be sticker shocked. Not quiet a bench grinder but widely useful. I was going to build one but even with cheap steal and plans, it's still $1,200 for adding a motor and...
  21. Big bandsaw it is. Hopefully will get it next...

    Big bandsaw it is. Hopefully will get it next weekend. I've bought and sold enough to know what can happen in a week when both parties are many miles apart.

    Figuring out how to get it has been...
  22. Bandsaw too big for garage? or Festool Domino/Tracksaw?

    Debating if I should pull the trigger on a laguna bandsaw thats about 5 hours of driving for me to get. It's a 5hp, italian made model. Owner is sending me photos later. Sounds like an Lt 18 or 24...
  23. ROS Sander Pads, Drill Holes - $$$ Sander vs $ Sander RPMs?

    I bought an Airvantage 5" electric sander that's essentially a Mirka Ceros clone. I upgraded from a Ridgid 5" as I'm planning a Hal Taylor rocking chair build. The removable sanding pad is a nice...
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    Featherboards and outfeed stands. The roller...

    Featherboards and outfeed stands.

    The roller stands kind of stuck because they can tilt left or right. I'd get the ridgid flip top stands. I wax them and they work great. If you're lucky, when...
  25. Thanks guys. I also don’t think I need shoulders...

    Thanks guys. I also don’t think I need shoulders on all 4 sides of the tenon. Saves me some material only cutting the shoulder on two sides.

    As for cutting the kerf in the tenon, would bandsaw be...
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