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    Stainless Steel white engraving

    My fiber friends, I have an issue that I have to have some help with and I KNOW someone out there can help me. I am trying to burn white using my 50watt fiber laser which I've been able to donin the...
  2. Problems learning new 50 watt fiber laser and yes its Chinese

    I have been using a CO laser for years and absolutely love it. I made the leap into fiber and after paying the hefty tariff on the 50 watt machine, I finally received it. As you might expect, the...
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    Searching for a reliable fiber laser

    I am adding a fiber laser to my shop for engraving jewelry and firearms. Has anyone had any experience with CamFive or any other reliable brand, and yes Chinese machines are fine.
    I am curious also...
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    Corel question

    Good morning my fellow laserers (?)
    I have a simple question I'm sure any Corel Master can answer but this forum is the best for finding out. When I have a design that I outline in Coreldraw and...
  5. It was my scan gap setting. Thank you so much...

    It was my scan gap setting. Thank you so much John.
  6. Lines versus smooth graphic after reinstall...any help appreciated

    Hey all,
    You have been able to help me on several occasions so here goes: I had a hard drive crash with all of my graphics and programs but luckily had a backup. After reinstalling everything (yes,...
  7. Can't find Corel X3 files after HD crash

    I have relied on this forum to solve a few issues for me in the past but have never been so panicked as I am right now so your assistance is so greatly appreciated. I recently lost my hard drive due...
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    Quick laser power question

    I have been doing this wonderful laser thing for about five years now and have had very few problems...until now. I recently replaced my 60w laser tube and now it seems as though the power has been...
  9. Quick laser alignment question...looking for advice.

    I recently replaced my worn out tube only to find that it is out of alignment as one might expect. There has to be a better, and far less time-consuming way, to align the red dot with the laser....
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    very small batch of NFL logo items question

    I have a request for a couple of different items with an NFL logo on them. While I know that these logos are copyrighted, I know that I could not apply for an NFL license as my business is far to...
  11. The run is about 4 ft to the blower and 4 ft from...

    The run is about 4 ft to the blower and 4 ft from the blower through a 6 inch hole in plywood using a 6 inch galvanized coupler. I am using all 6 inch flex tube.
    Thanks for any help,
  12. Thank you so much for the advice. I have decided...

    Thank you so much for the advice. I have decided on a larger in line fan with 440 cfm. for the two 6 ft runs. That should push that air outside and keep the wife off my back.
    Thanks again,
  13. Ventilation question for your laser fans out there..

    I recently brought my laser inside after a laser tube froze and broke in my very cold garage workshop :( After bringing it into the controlled climate of the house and venting the 6 inch pipe...
  14. Direct cutting question from Corel Draw X3 to Graphtec CE5000-60

    I have taken the leap into vinyl cutting after laser engraving and etching for about 5 years now. I figured that since I was able to master the graphic design and lasering process that I would...
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    Yes, I AM using the Jamieson for this. Received...

    Yes, I AM using the Jamieson for this. Received the Floyd but haven't started using it yet. I will try to slow it down and use less power as well lower the black fill to 70-80%. Thanks for all of the...
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    Wine Bottle Engraving Question

    Hi All,
    It's been a while but I have a problem that I am certain many of you have as well. I etch many wine bottle with and without a rotary device ( I laser straight down the side of the bottle...
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    Thanks for the advice. Slowed down the speed,...

    Thanks for the advice. Slowed down the speed, took it a little out of focus and lowered the power and they all turned out amazing. Took a while at the slower speed but the results were perfect.
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    These are definitely not for use with food....

    These are definitely not for use with food. Display only. Too many nooks and crannies for use with food.
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    A little help with bamboo cutting boards

    I have started engraving bamboo cutting boards as a job for a customer. I have had mixed results with some boards lasering darker than others. Is there anyone out there who has found a way to get...
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    Small tabletop laser for shows.

    I am looking to supplement my two large lasers by purchasing a much smaller unit to use do custom while-you-wait work at shows. Any suggestions for a smaller machine at a reasonable price. Anything...
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    I have a Jamieson LG640 and after I bought it, I...

    I have a Jamieson LG640 and after I bought it, I traveled to Connecticut to spend a couple days with Alex and Wolfgang. The trip was worth the time and the help I got from them was so important. They...
  22. Quick question about lasering glass panes

    I have recently started lasering glass top cigar humidors with relative success; however, sometimes the glass will have an uneven etch. That is to say that the lasered glass line will be flaking off...
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    Concerns about rust

    Hey Forum friends,
    Quick question for those of you who might keep and run their lasers in an "uncontrolled environment". I keep my 60 watt Jamieson in the garage where during the day the temperature...
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    Using tape for masking

    I am just starting to use tape for masking areas on plastic and wood for color filling and apparently I am using the wrong tape. It is a low tack tape by R-tape that someone recommended. When I use...
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    Marty, I tried the agate thing but the laser...

    I tried the agate thing but the laser wouldn't leave a mark. Thought there was a problem. Is there a trick to it ?
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