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  1. Can the esteemed members please help with the identity of the following antique and o

    Tese tools were recently sourced at a USA auction :-
  2. Please assist with the identity and age of the following items;+

    These items were recently nsourced from An auction in the USA, please see the photos :-504429504430504431504432504433504434504435504436504429504430504431504432504433504434504435504436
  3. Identity and ages of axes

    Thank you Tom.
  4. Identity of axes

    Thank you Jim.
    That is a helpful reply.
  5. Please assist with identity and age of these axes.

    The axes featured in the photos below have recently arrived from an auction in the USA.503183503184503185503186503187503188503189503190
  6. Please assist with age of these two T.Robinson & Son machines.

    I have searched many sites on the internet but have been unable to find any info on these two machines photographed below. Can anybody please assist ?
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    Hi Bob ,I don't know if this is current but one...

    Hi Bob ,I don't know if this is current but one of the best make of knives is the American Buck knife.
    They have a great variety and all knives carry a life time warranty.
  8. Please assist with this Wadkin machine model and test no.

    Thyis is an old Wadkin vertical sanding machine but it does not have a manufacturers Tag.
    Please see attached photo.
  9. Please assist with identity and age of this unique planning machine.

    This planer is constructed of cast iron, it has a suare cutterrhead shaft with two 12inch blades and an outboard curved planning facility.
    The cuterhead shaft runs on bronze bearings that are...
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