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  1. All windows.

    All windows.
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    Can you post close pics of the leaves?

    Can you post close pics of the leaves?
  3. How to get internet to my shop - Help

    I have a metal building that is my shop. It is about 50 feet away from my house. Without having to run cables through my attic, across my entire house, over the mother-in-laws apartment, and then...
  4. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    25 May 2020

    Today is Memorial Day. My family and I have paused to remember all those that gave "all" for our freedom. We also paused to pay honor and respect to all the families that...
  5. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    18 Nay 2020

    It's been a busy week at the day job and oncall hasn't been terrible. I did finish writing and testing a Python script that has now moved into production status. I'm super...
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    I really like that piece! But it does appear that...

    I really like that piece! But it does appear that you need to wear breathing protection the next time. :rolleyes: ;) :D
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    I used to collect various pieces out of firewood...

    I used to collect various pieces out of firewood piles. At times, you can get some really nice pieces of wood to practice with out of a firewood or scrap pile. Also check with local tree services....
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    Thread Pitch Gauge I need to get one as...

    Thread Pitch Gauge
    I need to get one as I can answer my own questions about thread sizes for screws I keep trying to find. :)
  9. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    11 May 2020

    Spent 2 days putting new brake calipers and brakes on my old GMC Sonoma truck. Most of the time was spent tracking down and picking up parts. Got some cleaning and...
  10. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    4 May 2020

    A bit of work done in the shop this past week. I made some custom window molding for a friend of mine and he picked it up Saturday. Got some yard work done, watched a movie...
  11. Relocated thread at OP's request.

    Relocated thread at OP's request.
  12. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    27 Apr 2020

    Got a little shop time in this past week. Helped a friend of mine make a fireplace mantel for his daughter and I got in some wood for a couple other projects that I'll be...
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    Hey @Bruce Lowekamp, I keep searching and...

    Hey @Bruce Lowekamp,
    I keep searching and finding this statement:

    I've been cussed at for asking what they term as stupid questions. I've taught myself almost 100% of everything I know about...
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    Well, I know that SMC has a wide variety of...

    Well, I know that SMC has a wide variety of professional career fields and expertise. I haven't had any real luck looking elsewhere with any reasonable simple solution. I don't like complicated code...
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    I use Google drive for critical data and a USB...

    I use Google drive for critical data and a USB drive for local backup. There are many options for backup for home machines. Acronis is one that I've used before and it worked well for backup and file...
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    Any Python Scripters here?

    I'm trying to learn Python on my own and I get the general gist of Python. I've been writting KSH and BASH scripts for a long time "and" I used to write COBOL many years ago. The issue I'm trying to...
  17. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    20 Apr 2020

    Ok, how about - Greetings from someone who's tired of being in quarantine for 5 weeks now. :(
    No sicknesses here and have been required to work from home for what seems...
  18. Creeker's Past Weeks Accomplishments

    13 April 2020

    Been working oncall duty this past week as well as getting work done around the house. Mowed the lawn, did some weed-eating, cleaned off the front porch, driveway, and...
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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    6 Apr 2020

    It's been a busy week at the day job and I finally got my waste board redone after the Z axis upgrade. I think I'm ready for a trial cut on the new setup. Hopefully this...
  20. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    30 Mar 2020

    Still in lock-down. Still working from home. The good news is that the family and I are still healthy. I spent a bit of time this past weekend working on my CNC since i...
  21. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    23 Mar 2020

    No real time in the shop. Plenty of time working at the day job and working on things around the house to keep healthy. We are now in quarantine and I am required to work...
  22. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    16 Mar 2020

    I recently upgraded the Z axis on my cnc and the standard one that it came with was problematic. I hope to have some time this week to give it a good test run. I also...
  23. Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    9 Mar 2020

    Nothing really to report except that I've been working a lot at the day job and sleeping when I can. I have things I want to get done in the shop but I need time to get them...
  24. Creeker's Past Weeks Accomplishments

    02 Mar 2020

    It's been nothing but a week full of working at the day job. However, I did get a bit of time on Saturday to install my new dust boot, anti-static hose and connectors on my...
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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    24 Feb 2020

    I'm tired, I'm exhausted and I'm ready to be done with oncall for the day job. It's been 6 weeks now and I wished I was an hourly employee for these past 6 weeks. If I was?...
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