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  1. Wtb/looking for swing away seat/stool

    Looking for a swing out seat to add to my bench. Can't quite justify the benchcrafted price new. Doesn't need to be benchcrafteds version, a vintage one is fine as well. Thanks for any help
  2. $275 to hopefully get it out of my garage

    $275 to hopefully get it out of my garage
  3. Almost new 3hp dust collector 110v, $325 Hatfield Pa

    3hp dust collector on 110, 20amp. Very light use on this, I just don't have the power requirements to run this and the other machines I want in my garage at the same time. Not sure of the brand on...
  4. wtb oneway multi gauge/dial indicator

    Looking to purchase a oneway multi gauge or possibly just a dial indicator if anyone has one laying around. I live near Philly if anyone local has one.
  5. Isotunes link aware. 70 plus shipping from north Hatfield pa

    Less than 1 yr old isotunes link aware head phones for sale. Haven't used them in months since I got some ear buds. 70 plus shipping or 70 picked up.
  6. $45 picked up or add shipping

    $45 picked up or add shipping
  7. Veritas Mk.II Standard Honing Guide, $50 located near Philly

    Veritas Mk.II Standard Honing Guide in good condition. $50 picked up or add shipping. I just prefer my lie Nielsen guide and have no need for two.
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    Finish for teak table for camper van

    Hello everyone,
    I am in the process of building out a sprinter van into a camper van for a skier. The skier will be living in this van for a few months at a time while he skis various mountains...
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