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    Had to bang on the door a few times, to ...

    Had to bang on the door a few times, to get it to open. That thing was STUCK !!!! Buttons are not on the front of the door, they are on the top. What makes it ...
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    Dishwasher won't unlock

    Well, this is a new one !!! Accidentally pressed the lock button the Dishwasher , when I loaded up the dishes. Pressed the start button without realizing I pressed the ...
  3. Is it true?? Supernova 2 discontinued ????

    Is it all of the Super Nova 2 's , or just certain models ??
  4. Hardwood flooring accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Accidently spilled a bunch of Liquid Arm & Hammer laundry detergent onto the Oak Hardwood floor. Soaked it up with several towels , and wet moped the rest up. Did that ...
  5. Which carving chisel to use for this???

    Little bit of Woodturning and carving with this project, and I don't know where to start with the carving part!!!!

    Making a copy of a bedroom nightstand Lamp. This lamp...
  6. Oliver new 2018 Classic wood Lathe: Discontinued?

    Did Oliver discontinue that Lathe?
  7. Difference between Track saws and Circular Saws??

    What is the difference between these Saws ??
  8. Suggestions for a Oscillating belt/ spindle sander.

    Can't seem to decide which one to get. Want to replace an old Sears spindle sander , that I can't get parts for anymore. Then, I noticed the oscillating belt spindle sander with...
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    Harbor Freight Screwdriver Sets

    Anyone bought one of their sets ? I know they are not like the old Craftsman sets, but for general use, are they good enough ?
  10. Here is a rant !!! Hardware store ...

    Here is a rant !!!

    Hardware store has their yearly Midnight Madness Sale. EVERY YEAR!! , they had the Roulette Wheel that you could spin . Depending on the number...
  11. Grizzly 5 % off deal and their Sales price discount.

    So , how does this work?

    Say they have a tool is regularly priced at $100.00 , for example.

    Say the sales discount is 30 % off ( Just an example)

    When you...
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    Router Circle Cutting Jig

    If you are making a cake stand, for example, and you don't have enough swing on your Lathe to turn the top, can you cut the top part out to round; with a Router Circle ...
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    ANANT A45 Multi Plane Tool

    What can you tell about this Brand of Multi Plane ? Found one new in the box with a complete set of cutters, never used. Is it junk ?
  14. Pipe Clamps: Harbor Freight or Grizzly brand???

    Which one is better? Looking at both the 1/2 inch and 3/4 Inch Pipe clamps.
  15. Tool price increases: What is the real cause of the price increase ?

    Take for example , The Grizzly T10811 Wood Lathe Chuck Set.
    That is now $319.00

    11 Months ago , when I bought it, the price was $293.95

    Now, I read on the forum that ...
  16. Now, that sounds like something I wanted ...

    Now, that sounds like something I wanted to do !! How well did the Wood Christmas Ornaments sell ?
  17. Mini and Midi Lathe VS full size Lathe :

    Ok, I got 3 Wood Lathes..

    Two Wood Lathe are 12x 40 with 1/2 HP motors. The 3rd Lathe is 38 inches between centers with a 15 inch swing. Been looking at the Mini ...
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    Which Air Filtration is Better??

    The Grizzly G0738

    Shop Fox W1830 - Hanging Air Filter
    The tools that create the most airborne dust , are my Wood Lathes. The old Air filtration system I had, was an old...
  19. Plywood and lumber prices: Who is making the most profit?

    Well, I spent $67 for 1 sheet of Plywood to fix the shed. $40.00 for 1 gallon of paint.


    When it comes to Plywood and Lumber and these ridiculous prices ...
  20. Shipping question : large Table Saw

    Anyone encounter this when ordering something that can only be shipped by shipping truck?

    "Due to potential fraudulent transactions, orders containing name brand products may be required to ship...
  21. Model MTSF132110150-0130 Laguna - 1-1/2HP 1PH 110V Fusion F1 Table Saw

    Finally think I settled on getting this Table Saw

    Model MTSF132110150-0130
    Laguna - 1-1/2HP 1PH 110V Fusion F1 Table Saw

    It would replace a 25 + year old Sears Craftsman...
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    Makita 2012NB Planer ???

    How is this Planer compared to other portable planers of the same cutting capacity? I know it used to be made in Japan. Now I guess made in China. Is the quality ...
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    How much might this cost to make

    Looking to make a 9 drawer Dresser that is 5 feet in length, and 20 or so inches in depth. Original Dresser is the same style and made out of Red Elm. The old one, ...
  24. Why did Grizzly discontinue their wet grinders ?

    Anyone know why they discontinued them ?
  25. Powermatic 100th anniversary Table Saw Best price?

    I see Powermatic has a limited edition 100th anniversary Table saw coming out. Only saw one place that listed a price, but it is not in stock. Anyone know who might have the...
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