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    Hello Peter, I have a question regarding your dust collection setup. You posted pictures showing your super dust deputy setup - I'm interested in what fitting you used to make the connection from the impeller motor to the top of the SDD. In one thread you said you got your fittings from BlastGate Co, do you recall what fitting this is? Is it a female fitting that goes over the SDD top, or is it a male fitting going into the SDD top? Thank you. Jack
  2. - Yes, the rip fence is very accurate. Mine arrived already aligned with the blade pretty perfectly. Stays very parallel when locked down. It is meant to flip around to use with the jointer so it's a tad bit long but this isn't a big deal.
    - 21" width is fine for me. For anything wider or very long (sheet goods), I use my track saw and square or parallel guides to break down.
    - I didn't buy an extra hold down. The only accessory I got was the bridge guard for the jointer.
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    Hey Peter, thanks a lot for your detailed thoughts!
    A few more questions, if you'd be so kind:

    - Is the rip fence accurate and does it confidently square when locked? I noticed that it doesn't run on the robust rails that the SC2 does, and it's important to me that the piece be robust. Also, I believe the rip fence is removable, but is it also possible to slide it partly out of the way towards the front of the machine?
    -Not sure what type of work you do, but have you ever felt limited with the 21" rip capacity? I haven't worked with a slider at all, so maybe some of those limitations are offset by working on the left of the blade with the slider.
    -What is the longest crosscut or rip you can make with the slider itself? I understand that some have made jigs to extend the useful length of the slider, but I'm curious what you're experience has been.
    -Did you buy an additional hold down clamp for the sliding table?

    Thanks so much, I value your time and thoughts!

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    Hey Peter, I've traded e-mails with Sam Blasco at MM regarding the c26 G, which I believe you own. Sam told me there is no one local who owns one that I can get my hands on. That being said, what are your initial thoughts after a few months?
    -Build quality
    -Small rip capacity to the right of the blade
    -Any other issues thus far

    Really curious to hear your thoughts, and I'd appreciate your time as this is a big investment and it is tough to find many people who own these.

  5. I think so. Mine probably came out to around that much with the saw itself, motor, machine shop time and I don't regret it. It isn't a real re-saw machine like the mm16 but great for everything else. I think a new S45N retails for around $2,400. Not a lot has changed about them since the 2-tone version.
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    Hi Peter, you commented on my post about the minmax s45. I just looked at the saw. It appears to be in real good shape. Guides look different then anything I've seen before. They have upgraded the motor from 1.5 to a 3.6. I just looked at the pic I took of the motor plate. The motor is a 3.6 motor made by CEG. Says made in Italy. Looks like a great motor. Should I try and sell a kidney and get the saw.
    Thanks Brian
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