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    Could you send me the updates on homemade boracare.

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    This is an article i wrote for the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers.
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    On the other one, I have a much shorter track, as that is easy to wield for typical hardwood cuts & 2X4's. I have this even though I own an EZ-ONE table, because I like to work outside in the sunshine whenever possible. Thus, I use my "Smart" table (built primarily for cutting down sheet goods, typically right in the driveway) outdoors, with various attachments, for all sorts of "serious" woodworking. (I also use hand tools, but sometimes I'm just lazy, or can't afford to make a flase cut.)

    Anyway, until you use one of these miter squares, you won't realize how easy and accurate they are.
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    Basically, it's a miter fence with a handle, and a short piece of track attached, tightened to whatever angle you need, vs the handle. I have two, because I like to keep one always at 90 degrees, and that one is JB Welded solid. (dead nuts accurate. My track is just long enough to cut across a 4' sheet, with room on the end for saw support.

    __________________________________________________ ________

    Now being the proud owner of several thousand dollars worth of Eureka Zone Tools you have piqued my interest with these EZ Miter square dingus's accessories. Is there any way to get a picture of these or a drawing. Anything at all would be appreciated!
    Thanks in Advance,
    Bruce Hough A.K.A. - "The EZ Thief" for direct email
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    Dear Allen,
    My name is Bruce Hough(bhough56 on Eureka zone forums) I was lurking on smc recently and found one of your posts. The link is:

    The conversation goes as follows:

    What you'll want is the EZ miter square dingus, as I may have mentioned earlier. (Or in another thread.) I use it more than the actual bench, and would REALLY hate to be without it.
  6. Hey John.

    IIRC, Rockboard 40 is 4 lbs. cubic ft and Rockboard 60 is 6 lbs. It's exactly the same as unfaced mineral wool batts, and competitively priced. Both are appropriate for both shops and studios. It depends on the frequencies you need to absorb. - And that will be determned partly by how your DC is mounted. Try to keep it mechanically isolated from the walls & ceiling (with rubber mounts, etc) in which case you should have too much LF, and Rockboard 40 will probably be best. If you have a lot of LF, and it's NOT being transmitted by the walls & ceiling joists, then go with a denser mineral wool. - or use 40, but with "sound board" behind it.
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    In a response to Robert Strasser you said, "The panels you put on the wall are not a bad idea, but realize that they are only soaking up a few sabines, and probably at about 250 hz and up. Mid (125 hz & up) & high frequencies are absorbed perfectly by 4" of 3 lbs per cubic foot mineral wool. ( 4 or 5 lb soaks up a little more near the bottom of those frequencies, which might be better for DC noise.)"

    I just received an Oneida V3000 and it too is going in a corner of my shop. I would like to do everything I can to post the sound. I can completely wall the corner with rockwool. Roxul sells a "Rockboard" which at their specification of Rockboard 40 they say is appropriate for shops, at Rockboard 60 they say it is appropriate for sound studios. They have Rockboard 80. Any comments?

    Also, do you have any furtherer suggestions than what was discussed in the post by and responses to Robert Strasser?

    Thank you,
    John Neel
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