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    Jeff Wittrock

    Wooden bandsaw project

    Yes. it is probably hard to see from the photos, but the blade guides are complete though I imagine I will be monkeying with them a bit once I have a

    Jeff Wittrock Today, 5:06 PM Go to last post
    Jim Becker

    Need a new microwave

    When our older Panasonic gave up the ghost last year, I purchased a new one...just a hair larger than the previous model, but with the same essential

    Jim Becker Today, 5:03 PM Go to last post
    Jim Becker

    The Hall of the Mountain King

    Consider putting your jointer and planer near each other as they are very often complimentary in work flow...along with the table saw. Saves on drops

    Jim Becker Today, 5:00 PM Go to last post
    Stan Calow

    Surprise Lodger

    They have short fangs, so you really have to be pressing down on them for them to get a good bite. Such as lying down on one in bed or stepping on one.

    Stan Calow Today, 4:59 PM Go to last post
    Jim Becker

    Epoxy for neck inlay?

    Julie, i ended up using commercial black dots for this one rather than the epoxy, but I did use dyed epoxy for a headstock inlay. That was telling as

    Jim Becker Today, 4:58 PM Go to last post
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