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    Jeff Roltgen

    Big Box Mdf Sheets for vacuum spoilboard?

    Most of the ultralight I've used in the last few years was free, in the form of cover sheets. Delivery driver thinks I'm a loon, but I got all kinds of

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    Rich Engelhardt

    Is malleable cast iron on for clamps?

    In the old Star Trek the Next Generation TV show, there was an alien entity known as - The Borg. They cruised through the universe assimilating everyone

    Rich Engelhardt Today, 7:41 PM Go to last post
    Jeff Roltgen

    Cut list optimizer for sheet goods

    + 5 for Cutlist Plus. Export from sketchup, even better if utilizing cutlist bridge, and I can have a lumber / sheet goods estimate super fast.

    Jeff Roltgen Today, 7:34 PM Go to last post
    Allen Mattsen

    Bandsaw Upgrade Advice?

    I've gotten a number of "no-go's" regarding the ceramic guides on Laguna bandsaws, esp for woodturning purposes. Anyone have an opinion on their

    Allen Mattsen Today, 7:33 PM Go to last post
    andrew whicker


    I love the Hardcore History podcasts on WWI (I think it's 12 hours long?). He also does a 'short' podcast on one of the Russian cities during WWII.

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