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    Robert Hayward

    Mobile base for planer

    +1. That machine is way too heavy for a wood base in my opinion. If the planer has four feet and the casters are directly under each foot so the plywood

    Robert Hayward Today, 5:50 PM Go to last post
    Eric R. Smith

    WTB Your Dusty Kanna

    Interested in trying a Japanese plane before I go all in on a new kanna. Does anyone have one around they are willing to part with for a fair price? Please

    Eric R. Smith Today, 5:49 PM Go to last post
    Keith Outten

    Mobile base for planer

    My preference for a machine that heavy would be a welded steel base, 880 pounds is a lot of weight.

    Keith Outten Today, 5:34 PM Go to last post
    Perry Holbrook

    Cutting mirror glass/How to?

    You should be able to easily cut the mirror with a carbide glass scoring tool. Cut on the front and paint on a little 3-in-1 oil on the line to be scored

    Perry Holbrook Today, 5:32 PM Go to last post
    John K Jordan

    3/8" Gouge Chatter??

    Maybe he has some in stock ready to send out. I had to wait a while when I got mine a few years ago. Then, and maybe still, it was a one-man operation.

    John K Jordan Today, 5:18 PM Go to last post
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