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    Thomas Wilson

    The Hall of the Mountain King

    Thread Starter: Thomas Wilson

    My dream shop is beginning to become a real shop. We have a contract and schedule for delivery of the timber frame structure. The builder has permits for the utilities. He has begun clearing the lot. We should have the stakes in the ground today to mark the house and septic field. This is...

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    Allan Speers

    Clear Vue Cyclones - how can they cost so little?

    Thread Starter: Allan Speers

    Well, as you all know, I recently took possession of a FREE, vintage Onieda 1.5 HP system. Thanks to the excellent replies in that thread I started, I now know that I can "kinda sorta" get by with this, in my smallish shop, but would do well to upgrade at some point. So, I'm already looking...

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    Jim Koepke

    Shiny Things We Do Not Need?

    Thread Starter: Jim Koepke

    Interesting item in my junk email file today from Garret-Wade. A geared lug nut wrench? Okay, back in the day we would just weigh ourselves and then measure out a mark on the wrench handle to calculate the torque. One person to whom this was forwarded mentioned it might come in handy. It...

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    Jeff Duncan

    Need help from the shaper guru's

    Thread Starter: Jeff Duncan

    Ok so I recently started a large project and could use some input on it from the shaper experts. I'm re-milling a custom t&g on something like 25,000 lf of flooring. The flooring is an "engineered core" made up of several layers of softwood about 1/2" thick. The face is end grain white oak about...

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    Yonak Hawkins

    Membership Idea

    Thread Starter: Yonak Hawkins

    My wife and I were discussing the current membership issue, especially with regard to the idea of cutting off potential new recruits before they have a chance to see what this site is all about. She had an idea which seems good enough to share : Allow guests to read posts but not see pictures...

    Last Post By: Ronald Blue Today, 12:00 AM Go to last post
    Adam Herman

    Shelf fell off wall, embarrassing mistakes?

    Thread Starter: Adam Herman

    I have aluminum floating shelf brackets and put them on the wall with 8 75 lb screw in type hollow wall anchors. placed speakers and some other things on the shelf above the TV, mounted to the wall below, and it all fell down by pulling out the anchors and putting big holes in the drywall....

    Last Post By: Matt Day Yesterday, 7:57 PM Go to last post