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    Mike Heidrick

    Pole Barn 40X64X16

    Thread Starter: Mike Heidrick

    Signed a contract yesterday with S&L Builders out of Indiana for a 40X64X16 Pole Barn with a 10X24 porch. Build date August 18, 2014. Plan to install Pex for raidant floor heat. Concrete slab 5" thick. Also doing 1.5" closed cell foam under the pad. Built on Laminated posts in ground. Will...

    Last Post By: Ronald Blue Today, 12:49 AM Go to last post
    dennis thompson

    Stocks and "the market"

    Thread Starter: dennis thompson

    Why do people keep predicting what " the market" will do for the next year. I would bet that none of these market predictions for 2019 was for a 30% gain , yet this week Barrons has their annual roundtable in which market experts make their predictions for 2020, why? The only good answer to the...

    Last Post By: Edwin Santos Yesterday, 9:07 PM Go to last post
    Larry Foster

    Tinker toy and waste of money?

    Thread Starter: Larry Foster

    Recently. I've developed an interest in CNC routing/engraving. After watching a ton of YouTube videos on the subject, started looking at machines. My budget is low and, initially, looked at 3018 machines on Amazon. $200-300. I realize the working area is smaller than a piece of copy paper. ...

    Last Post By: Larry Foster Yesterday, 8:36 PM Go to last post
    Patrick Walsh

    1982 Martin T-23

    Thread Starter: Patrick Walsh

    And so it seems it begins again. The T-75 isn’t even technically done and I have a new project. I’m not gonna go all buggy on this one “just yet” if ever. I will 100% go all the way through the machine and make sure it is 100% fully functional to the 9’s. 10’ for me if it was a term. If anything...

    Last Post By: Patrick Walsh Yesterday, 10:49 PM Go to last post
    Ken Fitzgerald

    Shop lighting......

    Thread Starter: Ken Fitzgerald

    Here's an article that answers a lot of shop lighting questions that are so often asked here. http://www.sawmillcreek.org/content.php?146-Lighting-the-Small-Workshop-by-Jack-Lindsey

    Last Post By: Ronald Blue Yesterday, 11:47 PM Go to last post
    Travis Conner

    Is there money in woodworking?

    Thread Starter: Travis Conner

    Other than making kitchen cabinets, is there money in it? I've always kept it as a hobby. I once heard of a guy who won the lottery say he's going to keep wood working until the money runs out. Lol

    Last Post By: Jim Becker Today, 7:36 PM Go to last post
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    mike wallis

    Trotec Lens Replacement

    Is there a goto place (Other than Trotec) to purchase a quality replacement lens for a Trotec Speedy 300 (100 watt)? From what I can tell

    mike wallis Today, 8:10 PM Go to last post
    David Kumm

    Replacing Bearings and Pulleys -Table Saw Rebuild Query

    I misspoke earlier. RS are sealed in most bearings ( NSK uses DDU ) not shielded. ZZ are double shields. Natchi Quest are equivalent to SKF Explorer

    David Kumm Today, 8:09 PM Go to last post
    steven c newman

    Trip to Wall E World

    Seems that Paul Sellers is "pushing" this type of hammer....for use with the chisels he uses.

    For $6...I figured I could give

    steven c newman Today, 8:03 PM Go to last post
    Jim Becker

    Radial arm saw

    Radial arm saws can cut wider boards, but they really can't crosscut full width sheet goods. You may want to consider a track saw to help with cutting

    Jim Becker Today, 8:00 PM Go to last post
    Stephen Rosenthal

    Radial arm saw

    Properly tuned and with a bit of experience, a RAS is not the “most dangerous tool in the shop.” I have 3 (set up for crosscutting, dadoing and ripping)

    Stephen Rosenthal Today, 7:55 PM Go to last post
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