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    Erich Weidner

    Squaring Up Really Long Boards... Tips?

    Thread Starter: Erich Weidner

    I have a few dozen long boards I need to glue up into large panels. (11' to 16' for each section). They will be about 32" wide. I'm gluing up from 1 x 6 S4S stock. (So nominally 3/4" x 5-1/2"). They of course all have some bow, cup, or twist. I don't care at all about the look of one flat face...

    Last Post By: Jim Koepke Yesterday, 12:17 PM Go to last post
    Derek Cohen

    Exasperated with Fine Woodworking Magazine!

    Thread Starter: Derek Cohen

    About 10 days ago I received an email to say that my on-line subscription with FWW magazine could not be renewed as the credit card details were incorrect. I checked, and they were up to date. I have been a longstanding on-line member and paying a low fee ($19.95) because of this. To renew, I...

    Last Post By: lowell holmes Yesterday, 5:30 PM Go to last post
    Joe Beaulieu

    Sharpening Forum?

    Thread Starter: Joe Beaulieu

    Hi All, i am really surprised there is not a separate section of this forum for sharpening. I have as many sharpening questions as I do woodworking questions. I am sure I am not the first to raise this idea. Just a thought. Thanks Joe

    Last Post By: Pat Barry Yesterday, 5:53 PM Go to last post
    lowell holmes

    Tool rust prevention

    Thread Starter: lowell holmes

    In the current issue of This Old House Magazine, a reader ask Tom Silva how he prevents rust on his tools. I live in Galveston County Texas, so I Know a bit about rust. I coat my tools with Johnson's Floor Wax. They do not rust. I thought some new woodworkers might be interested.

    Last Post By: lowell holmes Yesterday, 2:44 PM Go to last post
    Ole Anderson

    Craftsman at Lowe's and Ace

    Thread Starter: Ole Anderson

    Anybody else get the tinglies now when walking into Lowe's and seeing row on top of row of red Craftsman tools, chests and equipment? Not that I am such a fan of their stuff, just that it brings back good memories of trolling through the Sears tool department years ago. Even my local Ace carries...

    Last Post By: Tony Pisano Today, 8:06 AM Go to last post
    Russell Neyman

    I just don't get negative rake scrapers.

    Thread Starter: Russell Neyman

    It seems like everyone is climbing onto the negative rake scraper bandwagon but, frankly, I just don't get it. I use scrapers all the time and get really good results with nary a catch. Perhaps that's because I grind mine at 85 degrees. I mean, by adding a "negative rake" to your scraping edge...

    Last Post By: Reed Gray Yesterday, 11:07 AM Go to last post
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    Tony Pisano

    Craftsman at Lowe's and Ace

    Sears was with me throughout my childhood, and who didn't love getting the Christmas catalog. Our local store had a few appliances, but was mostly catalog

    Tony Pisano Today, 8:06 AM Go to last post
    Scott Cardais

    Storing Waterlox Finish

    Thanks, Phil.

    Seems like a simple and effective idea. Paste wax and / or toilet bowl wax has a lot of uses in the shop.

    Scott Cardais Today, 7:39 AM Go to last post
    Phil Mueller

    Storing Waterlox Finish

    I believe I saw somewhere that the Stop Loss folks recommend putting a little wax on the threads of the spout to keep it from sticking.

    Phil Mueller Today, 7:27 AM Go to last post
    Larry Frank

    $6 or $24 per year? What is coming?

    I am a contributor but have chosen to see the ads. They are small and not intrusive and provide a small amount back to the Creek.

    Larry Frank Today, 7:24 AM Go to last post
    Phil Mueller

    aqua coat grain filler

    I donít have experience with Aqua Coat, but for water based filler you might want to try either Wunderfill or Timbermate, both come in a walnut tone.

    Phil Mueller Today, 7:06 AM Go to last post
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