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    Dave Anderson NH

    Time for some levity

    Thread Starter: Dave Anderson NH

    With all of the negativity and political stuff going on with the Covid-19 virus it is time to look at the humorous side of things. Feel free to add more, but keep it clean or it will be deleted.

    Last Post By: Jim Koepke Yesterday, 11:04 PM Go to last post
    Andrew Pitonyak

    How do you store your router plane?

    Thread Starter: Andrew Pitonyak

    I ordered a shiny new Large Veritas router plane with a fence and a few blades. Any pointers to a build thread or pictures of how you store your router plane? I know that Steve has a detailed build for his. In my mind, Derek had something as well, I should go look for that. I might as well...

    Last Post By: Andrew Pitonyak Yesterday, 7:52 PM Go to last post
    Blake M Williams

    Saw advice

    Thread Starter: Blake M Williams

    I'm almost a completely 100% hand tool user. I would like to get away from using the band saw for cutting lumber down to workable pieces and cut it all by hand. I have a dovetail and tenon saws, what I need are the bigger saws. I think I could maintain and keep a good saw sharp but I do not have...

    Last Post By: Stew Denton Today, 1:07 AM Go to last post
    Bill Jobe

    What do you believe is the best weed and feed for lawns in the upper midwest?

    Thread Starter: Bill Jobe

    For several years we have used Trugreen to maintain our lawn, but we are not happy with the results. What have you found to work best if you do it yourself? I read reviews of Scotts and found that many people were displeased with the results. 42°North and 90° West.

    Last Post By: Mike Soaper Yesterday, 1:17 PM Go to last post
    Shawn Siegrist

    Super Nova II chuck

    Thread Starter: Shawn Siegrist

    I have a 1 1/4” direct thread Super Nova II chuck. I’ve had the chuck for about a week, very happy with it. Maybe I’m missing something obvious but what is the best way to remove the chuck from the lathe? There doesn’t appear to be flat spots for a wrench, any suggestions??? Thanks, Shawn

    Last Post By: Gary Click Yesterday, 3:03 PM Go to last post
    Bill Webber

    Info on plane maker

    Thread Starter: Bill Webber

    I bought a nice set of hollows and rounds. They are in great shape and seem relatively newly made. So far I haven't found any information for this maker. Marked R. A. Vaughan S. C., also known as Ashley Vaughan. Anyone know anything about this maker?

    Last Post By: Rafael Herrera Yesterday, 6:10 PM Go to last post
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    Blake M Williams

    New to me Diefenbach workbench

    Man I'm jealous! My bench was my first project using hand tools and, well, it's on pretty lol. Than bench looks awesome!

    Blake M Williams Today, 2:38 AM Go to last post
    Kev Williams

    Need Settings for CO2 Laser for Ka-bar knives with black finish

    I'm not understanding-?

    I'm not familiar with KaBar knives-- What kind of coating is on the blade? Is it thick, thin? Are you just bare-bones

    Kev Williams Today, 2:23 AM Go to last post
    mike stenson


    Right now, UPS is a week.. maybe 2 of sitting locally, as they have a covid outbreak going on. Fedex is consistently 1-3 days behind. The USPS, on the

    mike stenson Today, 1:43 AM Go to last post
    Jim Koepke


    The government doesn't run the Post Office. Congress does have legislative power over the Post Office. FedEx and UPS can raise their rates without Congressional

    Jim Koepke Today, 1:40 AM Go to last post
    Stew Denton

    Saw advice


    You might look at Youtube videos by Paul Sellers. There is one about restoring an old Eclipse saw set, a brand made in England.

    Stew Denton Today, 1:07 AM Go to last post
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