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    Paul F Franklin

    New Lee Valley Web Site

    Thread Starter: Paul F Franklin

    Seems the roll out of the new site is not going completely smoothly. Have been trying to place an order all morning and the site just spins when I try to checkout. Tried a few different browsers too. Guess I may have to call :eek: New site design seems nice and clean though but it will take...

    Last Post By: Dave Zellers Yesterday, 10:19 PM Go to last post
    Carl Beckett

    Tablesaw dust collection hood

    Thread Starter: Carl Beckett

    Well, after a weekend working with black walnut I have GOT to improve my tablesaw dust collection. Which means time to put the blade guard/collection hood at the top of the project list. The support arm will be home made. The guard/hood can be either home made or purchased, but since I want to...

    Last Post By: Jim Andrew Yesterday, 9:06 AM Go to last post
    Matt McGill

    recommendation for band saw purchase

    Thread Starter: Matt McGill

    I'm looking to get a band saw for under $2000. I'm a total woodworking rookie ... it's been a hobby for about 5 years. About every 6 months I'll look into band saws and then talk myself out of getting one. Then I'll do a project where I wish I had one... Every time I go "low end" on a (power)...

    Last Post By: Alex Zeller Yesterday, 8:05 AM Go to last post
    James Tibbetts

    Steam Bending Cherry

    Thread Starter: James Tibbetts

    My next project is a small table and chairs made from cherry. I would like to bend the back chair legs. How well does cherry respond to being stem bent? Will it affect the color later on? My first time down this road so any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Last Post By: Tom Bender Yesterday, 7:31 AM Go to last post
    Steve Rozmiarek

    Good quality mobility bases?

    Thread Starter: Steve Rozmiarek

    Anyone have recommendations on decent quality and reasonably priced mobility bases for table saws? I haven't paid any attention to the market in years, googled yesterday and was a little shocked at the prices I saw. Last I remember, they were half of what I'm seeing now. Bases for would cost...

    Last Post By: Donald G. Burns Yesterday, 1:36 PM Go to last post
    Eduard Nemirovsky

    Expandable garden hose - is this real deal or gimmick?

    Thread Starter: Eduard Nemirovsky

    I am looking for a good garden hose. And I need at least of 3 of them. My old hoses start leaking, easy to kink. All hoses will be hanging on the wall hanger, not in the track reel boxes, just on the hooks. I see on internet a lot of advertisement for expandable hoses, is this a good quality and...

    Last Post By: Rollie Meyers Yesterday, 9:41 AM Go to last post
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