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    Which fence: (Votes: 12)

    1. Delta Biesemeyer 78919B Type 2 (Votes: 2)

    2. SawStop TGP2-FA (Votes: 6)

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    Scott Winners

    How to?

    I still need a picture. Is the table top square/rectangular and the framing L shaped with a third member (leg) coming into the joint at a corner, or

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    Mel Fulks

    cutting sandpaper roll

    Score the PAPER side with a utility knife ,then bend ...to break

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    Jim Koepke

    The President Whom No One Voted For

    Easy and already answered.

    What many do not realise is we have had one President who was born a King.

    Some likely know the

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    Jim Koepke

    How to?

    Cut across the grain first. This becomes the stop cut when cutting with the grain.

    Some like to drill out the waste and do the clean up and

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    Jim Koepke

    Edge joinery with tongue and groove

    That sounds like the traditional construction of case work.

    Then there is at least a dozen ways to make the panels.


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    Bob Riefer

    would this shop improvement be "worth it"?

    hmmmm. Very good thought. Last few years hasnít had much cold weather but I agree with your idea of
    covering the stairs being beneficial. Thanks!!

    Bob Riefer 10-04-2020 10:11 PM