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    roger wiegand

    Eichler house roof adding 6 inches of insulation, roofline ideas

    On my son's house, a MCM from 1960 similar in concept to an Eichler (very low slope roof, really stupid in New England) I was able to find and re-use

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    Patrick Kane

    Vintage Martin Saws

    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like the 72 is worth the extra price of admission. Has anyone used a t71? Also, is the t72A a huge upgrade over the T72?

    Patrick Kane Today, 7:05 PM Go to last post
    roger wiegand

    4 inch vs 6 inch beech flooring

    Look up a wood movement calculator online, plug in your species and extremes of humidity and you can see how big to expect the cracks between boards to

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    Andrew Seemann

    Dog Hole Spacing

    I don't think I have used a bench where I wished the dog holes were spaced further apart. On my current Frid bench I decreased the spacing on both the

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    Daniel Kluk

    Dewalt MBF 248

    I am up to 100 after just buying this one for $150. Did a new table and it looks perfectly sq.
    Its a delta 20a smaller one. My objective was to

    Daniel Kluk Today, 6:46 PM Go to last post
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