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    Jim Becker

    Domino 500 w/ XL size tenons

    I have the XL so I obviously use the 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm Dominos most of the time for my work. (I do have the Seneca adapter to use the 500's cutters

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    Jim Becker

    Inca LS-25 Positioner for SC2 Classic Sliding Saw

    That's a very good adaptation, Mike! While I typically use my Fritz and Franz jig for this purpose (and I try to do as much of my ripping with the material

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    Jim Becker

    Sanding hidden surfaces

    Hidden support pieces and secondary wood only needs sanding to the extent that the surface is consistent for accurate joinery and gluing. It doesn't need

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    Jim Becker

    Found a Tracksaw Ripping Blade

    The overall growing popularity of track saws from multiple manufacturers is a good thing when it comes to more choices for blades coming on-line. Nice

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    Jim Becker

    Biggest project yet

    Good point, Jamie. No need to sand the primer unless it's buggered for some reason and needs to be "re-smoothed".

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