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    Christopher Charles

    NBSS Tool Chest Build

    Thread Starter: Christopher Charles

    Hello all, I'm currently in the middle of a shop renovation and have not had any real quality shop time in months. Let's just say that 'drywall' is a four letter word right now... More than a year ago, I decided to build a tool chest to go under my bench, prior to moving shops. The carcass...

    Last Post By: Christopher Charles Yesterday, 3:16 PM Go to last post
    Paul F Franklin

    Some folks find treasure when remodeling.....

    Thread Starter: Paul F Franklin

    I found this: As tempted as I was to just leave the 40+ year old mess, I needed to access the space to install the new range hood vent, so I cleaned it all out....

    Last Post By: Bill Dufour Today, 11:10 AM Go to last post
    Derek Arita

    How Do I Make A Copy Of This???

    Thread Starter: Derek Arita

    This is made of 3/8" steel. It measures about 10"x8" in an oval shape. I want to make one out of solid surface material that can be worked with WW tools, like quartz. The main problem is, how do I copy the inset? It's about 1/4" deep. Does somebody make a flush trim bit, bearing on the bottom,...

    Last Post By: Mark Bolton Today, 12:55 PM Go to last post
    Tom Bender

    Burning Papers

    Thread Starter: Tom Bender

    Today was burn day. About twice a year I put out the 30" fire pit thingy and burn about a 6" stack of papers; bank statements, medical stuff etc. It's about an hour's commitment including cool down and cleanup. What do you do?

    Last Post By: Lee DeRaud Today, 1:27 PM Go to last post
    Michael Rutman

    Dust Collector recommendations

    Thread Starter: Michael Rutman

    Oh boy, reading the archives I can see this is not a simple question, which makes me feel good because I am completely lost. I have never owned a dust collector mostly due to inability to figure out what I need, and that needs to change. So, let me go over my shop, my needs, and then beg for...

    Last Post By: David M Peters Today, 11:43 AM Go to last post
    Mike Burke

    New Miter Saw

    Thread Starter: Mike Burke

    i know some of you don't use a miter saws and some do...I have always had one and use it quite a bit. It probably isn't the most accurate way to cut but it has worked for me over the years. Well I had some lumber fall off the rack today and landed on my miter saw and broke the adjusting handle...

    Last Post By: Tom M King Today, 2:19 PM Go to last post
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