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    Dave Anderson NH

    Time for some levity

    Thread Starter: Dave Anderson NH

    With all of the negativity and political stuff going on with the Covid-19 virus it is time to look at the humorous side of things. Feel free to add more, but keep it clean or it will be deleted.

    Last Post By: Dave Anderson NH Today, 4:01 PM Go to last post
    Michael Drew

    Relocating: South Dakota?

    Thread Starter: Michael Drew

    I am hoping there might be some SD residents here, or maybe others who know the state? I'm sorting through my options of finding a suitable place to relocate to and retire within the next 24 months. I have lived all over the country, but my driver's license has been AK since I first got it. I...

    Last Post By: Ronald Blue Today, 9:47 PM Go to last post
    Jack Frederick

    Internet advice

    Thread Starter: Jack Frederick

    I live in a third world country, meaning E of I-5 in CA. We currently have AT&T for our ISP and they guarantee all the way up to, but not over 3mbps. I am fixin to get the Starlink system. Some in the area have done so and report great results. My problem is that the house is surrounded by two 4+í...

    Last Post By: Jim Becker Today, 7:31 PM Go to last post
    John TenEyck

    Target Coating EM-8000CV Review

    Thread Starter: John TenEyck

    After hearing how well EM-8000CV sprays and seeing photos of how nice it looks from a couple of members I decided to give it try on an English walnut dining table and bench top. My short conclusion is "I'm impressed." It sprays like a dream, without thinning, through my Qualspray AM-6008 HVLP gun...

    Last Post By: Jack Lemley Today, 8:12 PM Go to last post
    Tom Bender

    Dog Attack

    Thread Starter: Tom Bender

    There are dogs in the world and sometimes they attack. That is not going to change. So here is my question. If I have no weapons and no objects within reach how can I best defend myself? Maybe the martial arts have something to offer.

    Last Post By: Mel Fulks Today, 5:59 PM Go to last post
    Phillip Mitchell

    What grit do you normally start sanding at after milling?

    Thread Starter: Phillip Mitchell

    I know this is vague and depends but... Iím curious what grit others start their sanding routine at after milling? The planer is typically always the last step on both faces and edges unless the stock is wider than 9Ē, in which case I canít feed it on edge through my planer and will rip to width...

    Last Post By: Phillip Mitchell Today, 2:15 PM Go to last post
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    Richard Coers


    Poplar has almost no decay resistance. I sure hope those wagons are going into museums and not used outside in the rain! Also all the green and some purple

    Richard Coers Today, 9:47 PM Go to last post
    Ronald Blue

    Relocating: South Dakota?

    But the cost of housing factors in related expenses. I don't know if they specifically list sales tax and income tax but I have to believe that is part

    Ronald Blue Today, 9:47 PM Go to last post
    Lawrence Duckworth

    Rust removal on my pickling jars?

    Araron,... I'm an amateur pickle enthusiast ...I've double Mrs Wages Kosher Dill Pickling Mix and I'm still not satisfied with it. Would you mind

    Lawrence Duckworth Today, 9:45 PM Go to last post
    Aaron Rosenthal

    Badly behaving Mahogany solutions requested

    I have a few pieces of Mahogany; It was sold to me as such, for a larger project and not this remaining part is my 12% overage. I know there's a lot of

    Aaron Rosenthal Today, 9:43 PM Go to last post
    Terry Therneau

    Dominos for dowels?

    I just took an oak chair apart for a family friend. Oak, simple slat back, has sentimental value. It was getting wobbly, some steam and the hide glue

    Terry Therneau Today, 9:21 PM Go to last post
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