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    What size planer do you own? (Votes: 363)

    1. up to 12" (Votes: 28)

    2. 12" to 14.9" (Votes: 184)

    3. 15" to 19.9" (Votes: 103)

    4. 20" to 23.9" (Votes: 37)

    5. 24" and up (Votes: 11)

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    Edwin Santos

    Andrew Jackson

    Are you talking about mannequins??? I'm not sure I see the connection.

    Anyway, sorry if I offended you. I wasn't trying to debunk Jackson,

    Edwin Santos Today, 12:03 AM Go to last post
    Anuj Prateek

    Box 1: First Box

    Thanks David!

    I try to avoid router as well. Recently, during move, I gave away my full size router table. To messy, and when things go

    Anuj Prateek Today, 12:01 AM Go to last post
    John K Jordan


    I understand it's not illegal to have in one's possession nor use it to make things, you just can't ship them across international borders. You can even

    John K Jordan Yesterday, 11:56 PM Go to last post
    Ron Selzer

    15" Wide Belt Sander won't turn off

    with the cord unplugged to the sander, push in m1 contactor and m2 contactor(should push in fairly easy with spring return)
    pulling F2 out eliminates

    Ron Selzer Yesterday, 11:53 PM Go to last post
    Jon Nuckles

    Andrew Jackson

    Mel, Edwin gave a reasoned response and you respond by bringing up mannequins and accuse him of "fog wading," whatever that means. He deserves

    Jon Nuckles Yesterday, 11:50 PM Go to last post
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