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    david charlesworth

    There's nothing wrong with A2

    Thread Starter: david charlesworth

    I frequently hear that A2 is difficult to sharpen with a wire edge which hangs on. My sharpening method is very simple. Get a small wire edge at 30 or 33 degrees . An Eclipse honing guide is used, with an 800 grit man made Waterstone. The angle is then raised by about 2-3 degrees Now 4...

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    Bert Kemp

    Camera Question

    Thread Starter: Bert Kemp

    First of all I know nothing about DSLR's but have a love for photography. Always had Digital point and shoots, but their limited in what they can do. Anyway long story short a Friend of mine gave me one of his old cameras a Canon 60D the day he gave it to me he took off on a vacation to return who...

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    steven c newman

    A Project for July?

    Thread Starter: steven c newman

    Well....I did have a stack or two of scraps... And a couple of Pine boards sitting around, doing nothing constructive And a couple handy panels of plywood.... That needed a job. Sorted through the Ash scraps....had 11 pieces, tossed out 2...They needed squared up, so they were all about...

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    george wilson

    Still alive

    Thread Starter: george wilson

    I havenít been posting on any forum for nearly two years. Somehow I just seem to have lost interest. Iím still alive though !

    Last Post By: Dan Hahr Today, 1:52 PM Go to last post
    David Justice

    Dust Collection - Hanging Pipe

    Thread Starter: David Justice

    I'm installing a new system in a new shop. The shop has 10' ceilings and I am installing the DC pipe first and the lights around it, so I would like to have the DC run as close to the ceiling as possible, if not attached directly to the ceiling. I haven't been able to find very much info on how...

    Last Post By: Ed McEowen Today, 8:41 PM Go to last post
    Carl Crout

    best wood glue?

    Thread Starter: Carl Crout

    Not sure if this has been posted but this guy on Youtube tested wood glues and Elmer's Max beat Titebond most of the time. Elmer's Max is also cheaper. The advantage to Titebond 3 would be that I think it has a longer open time. Having said that I currently use Titebond 3 and find it very runny...

    Last Post By: Clifford McGuire Today, 5:09 PM Go to last post
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