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    Which fence: (Votes: 12)

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    Steve Demuth

    Global warming and the weather

    By "operator" I meant the humans making decisions impacting the operation of the devices. I agree that the people actually at the controls

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    Jim Matthews

    Global warming and the weather

    It doesn't take deeper knowledge to embrace facts.

    Other notorious killers of birds are glass skyscrapers.

    Causes of Bird

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    Mike Henderson

    Riving Knife - how wide?

    If it's going on an old saw, it's probably not a riving knife - it's probably a splitter. A riving knife moves with the saw blade and maintains it's

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    Bob Jones 5443

    had me some fun today

    One plus of gluing up the arms was that I had the LOML help me do the clamping, and when we were done she remarked that maybe I need more clamps. [/QUOTE]

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    Osvaldo Cristo


    When cleaning my saw blades, from both table and band saw, I try first just to use a brass brush. It works most of the time.

    In Brazil most

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