New G0766

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  1. Marion James
    Marion James
    So I wandered into the Grizzly Scratch and Dent Showroom. Just inside the door sat a G0766. I had long ago promised myself I would buy one if one ever showed up there. This seemed a safe promise to make as they never do. But against all precedent there is was, and in fidelity to my promise I was forced to buy it. That is my story, anyway.

    It was missing an item or four, but after a bit of negotiation the price became seriously right.

    To the point, I am missing the centers. This, of course, allows me to buy whatever I like from where ever seems advisable. I have been using a tabletop Jet lathe with the spur and cup live center provided, and that is all I know at this point. Any suggestions as to type and source for MT2 centers would be appreciated.

    I look forward to being a participant of this group and forum.

  2. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Way to go Marion in finding a good deal, and welcome to the big green ownership. I have had mine for about two years now and never had any issues.
  3. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    The live center that came with the lathe was of mediocre quality. It used a single bearing and it was a little sloppy. Probably not a big issue for a wood lathe. They replaced it with a bearing that was so tight that it wouldn't freely turn. On the 3rd try they got it right.

    If I were you, I'd just google something like MT2 wood lathe live center. You'll get dozens of hits. Most will be under $25. If you find one with two sets of bearings, it will be more precise. Mike Peace has a video describing the difference between live centers:

    Congrats on your new lathe. I'm curious what the "build-date" is. It should be shown on the label on the front of the lathe bed.
  4. scott ward
    scott ward
    I bought the Nova Live center system last Christmas and am pleased with it. Double bearing, multible tips. I also bought the stubby threaded insert so I can mount my chucks and faceplates on it. It works great.
  5. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Welcome to the GGMG, And congrats on the G0766. I was probably one of the first 3 people to get one when they first were offered. Iíve been well pleased with mine. Looking forward to some pics of your setup if you can manage that!
  6. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Roger what # is yours it has to be 00003
  7. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Mark, they were not shipped from the distribution warehouse in chronological order of manufacture. Naturally a pallet with units coming off the line would have the earliest numbers on the bottom of the stack, or shipping containers would be loaded with the earliest numbers in the far front. Orders would be filled as they come off the pallet or shipping container, meaning higher numbers would likely be the first to ship. Mine is 10041.....the 41st unit off the line, but one of the first to ship to a customer. I think the Mfg. numbers began at 10000.
  8. Marion James
    Marion James
    Sorry for the delay in providing answers to questions. I had not planned to buy a lathe, so much of my shop is now in a jumble.

    Build date is August of 2018. What it has been doing or where it has been is a mystery.

    They get lots of table saws and metal lathes, quite a few band saw and drill press machines, the occasional jointer, but wood lathes of any sort are rare. I've never seen a GO800 or other black leg lathes in there, for example.

    As for photos, I've got to get it plugged in somewhere first. Late this afternoon I figured out a way to use an abandoned 30 amp 3 plus ground wire in the attic to provide 220 without having to open up the drywall. so I may be able to power up tomorrow night. I am anxious to get an item or two turned, but I also have to deal with the fact that I am currently in the ninth year of the two year plan to finish the cabinets for our house.
  9. tom lucas
    tom lucas
    Congrats Marion. I'm sure you got a deal on that lathe. Many recommend the one-way live center. It's on my wish list too. I've dedicated the one that came with the lathe to a home made large cone center.
  10. Marion James
    Marion James
    Too many interruptions.

    I finally got the wiring fixed, moved a bunch of stuff around, and have the new lathe leveled up and in place. This was facilitated by picking up a couple of Shop Fox mobile bases last Friday. I was back over to the scratch and dent room and they had pulled all the bases off the showroom equipment to show off a newer version. Just in time!

    Some initial observations: Amazingly smooth. Gives a sense of very high quality. Controlled speed (no load) down to 60 rpm is almost beyond belief to this old timer. Banjo seems adequate. Spindle runout is below my ability to measure.

    I'm going to fix something quick and dirty for below decks storage. I simply have not the time to do anything elegant, but I will need some drawers and bins.
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