Happy Thanksgiving GGMG Members!

  1. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Even though life throws us a curve at times, and perhaps we have circumstances which test our metal, it is always good to count your blessings, and reflect on the many good things in your life that you may take for granted most of the time. If your health is good, you have reason to be thankful! Among innumerable things I am thankful for, I am thankful for woodturning. It has allowed me to become aquainted with so many good folks, and enjoy a comraderie that has also blessed my life. Thank you all for your interactions, encouragement along the way, and sharing your turnings, as they bring joy in the seeing and inspiration for all who see them posted here on SMC!
  2. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Roger! I appreciate your efforts on the GGMG forum.
  3. David Bolson
    David Bolson
    Next to health, outlook and attitude towards life is so important. I feel blessed and, Roger, it seems like you’re blessed also. Happy Thanksgiving all!
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