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  1. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I noticed very little activity here on the GGMG. I wondered if everyone in our group isnít turning much lately? For me, Iíve not turned anything since June 2022. Mostly because for most of 2023 Iíve been dealing with cancer. Iím doing fairly well under the circumstances, and have a good long term prognosis. Iím looking forward to getting back to the lathes as soon as I can.

    How are you folks doing these days?
  2. David Bolson
    David Bolson
    Roger - I'm happy to hear of your positive prognosis.

    I'm still happily turning on my Grizzly G0766. I guess I haven't really posted much here because I haven't had any problems with it. Any issues I have with turning have nothing to do with the lathe itself, so i post in the general forum.

    I'm semi-retired and I enjoy turning when I'm home. I've made so many things that I decided to try my hand at a couple of holiday craft fairs to try to clear out some of my shelves. But that's an adventure for another forum thread.

    David Bolson
  3. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Nice to hear from you David! Best of luck with your craft fairs…I hope they supercede your best expectations!
  4. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    Hi Roger, I'm sorry that you have cancer but pleased that your prognosis is good.

    I haven't done any wood turning of artistic things in about a year, but I have used my G0766 to to turn a few functional items and to modify a bunch of PVC irrigation fittings. Currently I'm setting up a Grizzly slow speed grinder and have made a platform for grinding gouges, etc., and made a jig and fixture for doing Ellsworth grinds. It involved some wood flatwork as well as some welding/metalwork.

    But I do have a couple of artsy turnings planned.
  5. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Congrats on your new sharpening setup, Brice. Glad you’re getting in some time at the lathe, even if its a small amount. Thanks for the well-wishes!
  6. Gary Hensley
    Gary Hensley
    Hey Roger, sorry to be a month late posting but I have not been online at Sawmill Creek in a while. I hope things are still looking good long term for you, please give us an update on your medical condition when you can. I had a storage shed with some prime quality but getting soft and "punky" spalted Hackberry that needed to be turned before the worms destroyed it. I cleaned the shed out and turned 26 large bowls (18" G0733) in a period of a few months. Some of the wood was getting pretty soft so I saturated it with finish, which did a good job of making a presentable bowl. I took some time off after finishing the bowls.
  7. Gary Hensley
    Gary Hensley
    I am looking into bowl coring now, after the fact and it is too late. I also want to sell my 18" G0733 and get a 22" G0766. I dragged 7 - 33 gallon trash cans of bowl chips out of the shop during multiple cleanups. It makes me sick to realize how many more bowls I could have had with a coring system, but that ship has sailed. I have my G0733 listed locally on Facebook Marketplace but live in a small town, so I don't have big hopes of selling it here. I purchased a Oneway Coring System and am presently working on my own version of a tool for it that will hold a .400" square cutter in a diamond configuration. I purchased about 20 of those cutters at Grizzly on special sale a while back.
  8. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Great work, Gary! 26 bowls is some real work, and punky makes it all the more difficult. I have my good days, and not so good ones, but I’m going in the right direction overall. Some of my biggest problems stem from side effects of the chemo meds. My fatigue gets very real some days, plus some others I won’t mention. Thanks for the well wishes.

    I have a complete set of Oneway coring tools for my G0766 and one for my G0800. I’ll just be glad when I can get to use them!
  9. David C. Roseman
    David C. Roseman
    Hey Roger, I rarely get on the Sawmill Creek board these days, and in fact it's been awhile since I've spent much time in the shop. I'm very glad to hear things are moving in the right direction for you. You have many friends here. I have no doubt we are all sending positive energy your way! With your faith and irrepressible spirit, I'm anticipating a very good outcome after all you're going through!
  10. Gary Hensley
    Gary Hensley
    Hey,very good....... David C. Roseman appears, It has been a long time and it is good to see activity from you. Roger, we all want you to know that people are coming back in your support because you are the glue that holds the Green Monster Group together. Positive Attitude is an infinitely stronger medicine than chemo could possibly be. David, it is good to see activity from you on the Green Monster Group and Roger, we want you to know we are beside you in spirit, pushing ahead one step at a time until your cancer is under control and in remission.
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