I made it into the American Woodturner magazine

  1. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    I have hit the big time, LOL I am in the February 2021 copy of American Woodturner magazine. Page 10

    I can share the limelight with Roger as he was featured in a past copy of the magazine.
  2. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Congratulations Mark! A special honor indeed!
  3. Robert D Evans
    Robert D Evans
    I always wanted to hang out with famous people. Congratulations. Did your Grizzly make the magazine too?
  4. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Robert, the photo was at our club where Grizzly lathes are not welcome. They are five steps below a Harbor Freight lathe according to most of our club members.

    I don't mind being a deplorable...
  5. Robert D Evans
    Robert D Evans
    Yea, I'm surrounded by Powermatic and Jet followers at our club too. That's ok. I don't mind being part of the great unwashed.
  6. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I've been involved in the turning forums since 2008 or 2009. Over that period of time, I read and heard of many lathe issues. I've heard of a number of PM & Jet lathes needing new inverters or motors, switches. Grizzly had some inferior lathes years ago, but that has all changed, and the best value in the large lathe category is the G0766. The G0800 is comparable in quality to the best of Asian makes. The bells & whistles like a tailstock pendant, spindle lock button are not on the G0766, the main and major components are there with that lathe, and it has more hp than the Jets/Powermatics, and more advanced inverter.
  7. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I've turned on many PM 3520b's and Jets....trust me, my G0766 will perform all day long with them, and will do what either of them will do, and even more swing. The naysayers don't know what they're talking about. No, the G0766 is not a Robust AB, or Oneway 2436, but it doesn't cost $8k-$9K either, but will turn anything just about that those high end units will turn. Just sayin'! I like those high end units, they are the Rolls Royce models in the lathe world, but the Grizzly's now-a-days are a good Toyota or Honda......they run and run and run....
  8. Walter Mooney
    Walter Mooney
    I saw Mark's name and picture as I was reading my copy of the magazine, and I thought that name sounded familiar, I just couldn't place how or where. Congrats Mark!
  9. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Thanks Walter
  10. Mark Maestas
    Mark Maestas
    Congratulations Mark!
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