Grizzly g0800/Harvey T60-S

  1. Dueane Hicks
    Dueane Hicks
    I recently got the Harvey T60-S lathe (just a couple days ago) As far as 90% of the lathe, it is the same lathe. The only differences are the motor,electric box, and second switch control. I was told that I am the only one in the NW that has one. So far, it is a great lathe; being very smooth and the fit and finish are excellent, with a few ragged paint edges on the legs that i just pushed and they popped off. The motor is a commercial duty 2hp.
  2. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Congrats on your T-60, Dueane. My former Grizzly G0698 had a 2 hp D/C motor with controller. It is still going strong at our club after over 15 years. On low belt setting on the pulleys, which is used to get the most torque for large wood or coring, it would “hunt” a little at rpm’s below 100. On high belt setting the “hunt” would be more noticeable below 200 rpm’s. It has to do with the encoder in the motor, and is not any concern. Yours may not do that as it is a different lathe, but if so, it is the nature of the beast.
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