Where is everyone sticking lights on the G0766?

  1. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    It's time to add some more light.

    Brighter is better? Where are you putting them on this lathe? Clamp- magnetic?
  2. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I use the Aurora lamp from Woodturners Wonders, with a magnetic base. I place it on the left rear corner of the top of the headstock, to keep the magnetic force away from the spindle, but that is just me, no real reason. The gooseneck arm is long enough to give me needed light in most instancess. The life span of that lamp is incredible!
  3. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    The base sticks good?

    You haven't went down the rabbit hole of their track system?

    Although with that track system should a person be worried about breaking a chunk out of the cast iron with the beam clamps?
  4. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Yup, the Aurora Lamp does a good job of staying in place.
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